Friday, August 28, 2009

Frootbats and flowers

Princess: ::::helphelphelphelp:::: today is the torture day
please purr for me okay? I hope they do not find something scary in my tummy.
Maybe they will find just an old crunchie stuck to my appendix and take it out and then I will be all better.

Prinnie is going to the vet today... I hope she comes home soon.
I will wait for her in her bed... then I can surprise her

Today is Friday and that means tomorrow is a week-end.
have an orange zinnie kind of day

headbonkies for a happy day!!
here is a good one for Prinnie today meow

Gut instincts prevail
always go with them

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whitecat Wednesday

Hey kitties!
I hope all of you are well and happy.
Life has been a blur of activity here and it has been hard to get mom to help me blog, but here I am.

I need heavy duty purrrs for Friday... I have to go to the vetplace and get tortured.
The vet lady wants to do an xray and ultrasound of my tummy to find out why my poops are sometimes really good and most times kind of not so good.
I hate the vetplace. It is the scariest place I have ever been! It smells terrible there and it is loud and I do not allow touching all over just willy nilly!
I am eating really good and after the vet called yesterday to talk to dad about the latest (I was taking a much needed nap) and then daddy consented to bringing me in on Friday, well, he did not even ask me! So, I woke up and started acting all 12 years old-ish and everything, walking around, climbing on to the couch, and meowing a lot and pretending I was just a youngster perky kitty. so now he feels pretty guilty, as he should, for approving for my torture on Friday.
Then mom came home from her walk and dad told her the plan and she AGREED!

So, I am going to enjoy today and tomorrow.....

"Reality checks are the hardest to cash."

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mancat Monday


today is my day to show you my manliness.
I am going to be 2 years old next month on the 23rd and I am really getting to be a huge mancat. I weigh 6 pounds of all muscle and toughness.

I hope you have a marvelous day
I think it is a good day to recover from a busy week-end of rainstorms. Today we have sunshine!!

Happy Monday

The Constitution only guarantees
the American people
the right to pursue happiness.

You have to catch it yourself.

~Benjamin Franklin