Thursday, January 24, 2008

~ Thursday

When you are sorrowful
look again in your heart,
and you shall see
that in truth
you are weeping for that
which has been your delight.

~Kahlil Gibran
We are reading your bloggies. They are delightful and bring us comfort.
We absolutely adore all of you, your care, concern and love.
Thank you.

We are healing. slowly. or no, maybe not. I am crying and doing really nothing else.

Our home is sooo quiet without our loud gentle loving constantly purring tiger. Caesar was amazing. We called him the love tiger, but really Caesar was something more like a faithful friendly puppy dog.

what happened? We do not know, but I suspect with his failing kidneys and his heart murmur he might have caught a little bug on Saturday that went unnoticed. He was quite happy, and eating and being fairly active all day Saturday as we were home the entire day, however in the evening, he did not come to my bed as usual and say good-night and snuggle. He stayed in his little bed with Prinnie in their paradise room... and he just went so quietly in his sleep.

I am devastated. I lost my little boy.

Princess is very very strong. She is very independent and self assured.
I have made her about 5 cozy beds around the house. The one above is a new one. I made her a cozy nest of blankies on the couch and she jumped over to this chair (see above photo) and gave me this look, "could you move that stuff over here? I want to camp out over here today. Could you hurry up too?"
She is still calling Caesar in the night and we are going to her and comforting her and I slept with her the last two nights. She seemed very pleased to have me near.

All of this is so hard.
Almost too much to bear.
thank you for continued prayers.

Princess: We love you ~ thank you for loving us. We are hoping Blizzie might comehome for the week-end. Daddie could get her from the kollij.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday update


We are overwhelmed with your sincere loving attention and thoughts. Thank you for this. We really need it. Mommie has not been well. She won't eat or sleep.
I cannot find Caesar!?!
Mommie made me a bed with Blizzie's blankets from her bed and put them near mommies bed. I woke up many times throughout the night to go find Caesar and tell him it was time to sleep with me in the dark. I can not find him. mommie and dad got up many times through out the night to help me find him, and then they would pet me and tell me how they loved me so much.

Yesterday we brought Caesar's still quiet body to our wonderful and very very caring vet. We had planned to have him cremated with their services located in Western Pennsylvania which would take two weeks, but this morning I woke up wrought with worry. I could not imagine Caesar's body rumbling along in a truck over the hills and valleys through Virginia and Maryland and then into Pennsylvania.
We will take Caesar's casket from the vet and bring it to a local Family Pet cremation place here in town. Hubby spoke with them. They seem very caring. I feel this is a much more comforting situation for us and for Caesar's blessed body.
I cannot describe to you the Caesar sized hole in my heart and what it is doing to me.
Suffice to say that my husband has been doing everything, taking care of all of the details. He has put his grief on hold. Caesar and daddy shared a beautiful and special bond being the men in the house.

I can just tell you that after having this beautiful and most generous and gentle tiger that stuck to me like velcro for 17 years... this is the most very most incredible loss for all of us. I am still in a state of utter disbelief!

Please pray for Blizzie in Pennsylvania at college. She is suffering greatly and will come home on the 30th. Then we will take good care of her.

Thank you for for your love. It is an overwhelming comfort.
I love all of you, ...and Princess. . . we will take good care of her.
Thank you for taking care of us.
Your sympathies and condolences and caring, the Mancat Monday and other beautiful tributes are such an unbelievable comfort. I tried to visit all of you. You are such incredible friends to surround us with this. We feel bathed in your love and all of you are oh so loved by me.

Even hundredfold grief is divisible by love. ~Jareb Teague

Grief shared is grief halved
Thank you
precious and very sweet friends

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Caesar our Tuxie Love Tiger

Today Caesar did not wake up.

I slept with him last night...
and then, God sent his sweetest Angel to take him to the rainbow bridge.
Mommie is very sad. she can not stop crying!

The beans were going to go to kollij today to visit Blizzie, but only daddy will go.
He has to sign some special papers for Blizzie.
Mommie will stay home with me.

Caesar our handsome Tuxie love tiger
April 15, 1991~January 20, 2008

Caesar already made his last mancat bloggie for tomorrow. I will post it ... sometime.
We love all of you
Our hearts are aching, oh my we are devastated