Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Frootbats

Pierro: Happy Frootbat Friday kitties!

Miles: yeah, today is the day we show our frooty batty ears

and also --- stick out our tongues haha bronkbronk

If you need us, we will be under mom and dad's bed. The air conditioner guy is coming today and Miles and I are going to be bonkbonk working the whole time!

Miles: Bronk happy Friday and snappy week-end!

Have a fun fun Easter

Our Lord has written
the promise of the resurrection,
not in books alone,
but in every leaf in spring-time.

~Martin Luther

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mancats Monday

Hello kitties!

Thank you for the bonkful wishes for my test. Let me tell you all about my adventure!
Mom got to stay with me the whole time I was there. I was not afraid really. I checked out the exam room, but when I had to go into the darkish room I did not have much of a chance to look around at all. The very nice girl vet tech was really professional, and the heartbeep doctor was very gentle. They laid me down on a table, on my side, then they removed some thing on the table so the doctor could rub a probe thing on my furs to take pictures of my heart from underneath. He took a zillion measurements. He said my heart looked GREAT! there were no signs of thickening of any heart walls and all of my heart parts were working perfectly, --until I got a little nervous and then my left ventricle started pushing too hard, but the doctor said it was just fine and normal in both kitties, and beans too. He also said my blood pressure was perfect and my pulse was slow -- that is because I am a calm kind of kitty... Mom got to hold my paws and talk to me. I just laid there and blinked my eyes and thought about poor Miles having to help daddy with his boring fone meetings while mom and I were having an adventure.
So, too bad mom could not spend that giant pile of $$ on a bag full of fabric, couple of new dresses, a new sewing machine and two months worth of skate passes and other various and sundry items of pleasure.
She got me checked out and I am good!
Right when mom and I got home from the heartbeep doctor, mom let me out of my prison box and then the fone rang and it was MissieCurlieSwirlieTeri.
MissieCurlieSwirlieTeri was out shopping for car parts and she knew we had to be home by then! Mom was soooo happy to give her the good report. Both of them were clucking like hens on the fone.
Miles checked the prison box
it reeked of hospital smell

We had a fun week-end full of --- well, we slept right through Saturday. It poured rain here all day- I mean ALLLL DAY
Sunday was windy and sunny and Pierro and I watched the pink petals fly in the air.
But we had SUN!!! We played all day!

We hope you have a bronkie bonkbonk Monday
All of you are such great friends.
Mom has been just awful about letting us leave comments, but we have been reading and visiting all of your bloggies on google reader. sorry though that we could not leave a comment.

ps: here is a photo of us: two brave tigers under mom and dad's bed.

The air conditioner broke and Robert the fixer guy was here. wow, that was quite a job protecting mom and dad from any dangers. Oh and guess what? He is coming back on Frootbat Friday to put a whole new mushine in, it is going to cost a squillionbillion $$$.
MEOW this is going to be a crazy week--- guess who is coming tomorrow?
The Piano Tooner! He plays really bad, the same song over and over again... We will be under mom and dad's bed a lot this week.... *sigh*bronks*

"There is in every life
some perfect thing that makes
all the imperfections tolerable
and the thought of any other life inconceivable."

~Robert Brault