Friday, August 1, 2008

Frootbats and Flowers FRIDAY!!


This was a busy week... and next week is going to be really busy, and the week after next and the week after that.
Next week, daddy gets eye surgery on one eye, then the next week he gets eye surgery on the other eye, (he has CATaracts) then the week later... Blizzie goes to college.
I just thought I would let you know all about that. Mom has a big role to play in this activity... mostly as driver back and forth to numerous doctor appointments and check ups, and nurse, and mommie to Blizzie, helping her get packed up and then moved in to college in Williamsburg.

This is a very cute bunch of flowers on the front porch of our house.

Those yellowy-orange flowers are sun flowers! they only grow about 18" high and they are called "Fuzzy Face" Aren't they adorable?
Here is our other fuzzy face:

I hope everycat is doing well.
Pierro and I wish you a very happy week-end.

Live simply,
Love generously,

Care deeply,

Speak kindly....

Leave the rest to God

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whitecat Wednesday and Wacky Pierro


Long long long long story . . . .
Mom was hoping to hear from the vetman yesterday
but so far, no results on my 6 months check up.
This all started last week.... or.. no, when Pierro came to live here. See, he is a typical rex cat with the extra waxy ears. Caesar and I never had noticeably waxy ears, so mom never cleaned our ears.

Mom cleans Pierro's ears one day every week... so last Wednesday she decided to look at my ears and see what they looked like, then she cleaned the outer parts with a dry q-tippie. I did not like it!! It felt reeeeally wierd.
so, I started scratching my left ear like crazy after that... I scratched all of my furs off!!!!!

this is a picture of my right ear so you can see what normal is:
(yes, I am laying on my white sheepie skin)

By Friday morning, mom was getting a bit worried about this scratching. She tried to look into my ears with a small flashielight, but I was too stubborn to let her (she is an olde nurse). She kept a sharp eye on me all day Friday and had to remind me to not scratch, but after she would leave the room, I would do some scratching.
Mom thought I might give myself an infection... so I ended up getting shoved into the prison box Saturday morning!!! We got into the black musheen and Blizzie came along to be with me too.

Wow, what a long story... well, here is where it gets really horrible.
Our vetlady moved back to Maine to live near her family, so we had to see the vetman. He had kind bloo eyes. He said I looked good. The helpergirl weighed me and said I weigh 7 lb 14 oz which is pretty good for a 17 year old ladycat. The vetman tried to check my ears, the helper girl took some goop out of my ears and that test came back good, no germies, so the vetman gave mom some oinkment to put in my ears... it feels very gross and greasy.
THEN! the vetman said "why not go ahead and have Prinnie's 6 month check ups" with the bloods and lots of touching and squeeeezing? It was extremely frightening and terrible and oh my I was soooo upset. I do not bite or scratch but I did... cry. Mom wrapped me up in my pink blankie and when they took me back to the torture room in the back, they also let me be wrapped up in my blankie.... oh I was dizzy with fear.
When I got back to the cold room, mom opened my prison box, I jumped right in there and went to the back of that box.

I always went to the vet with Caesar. He would be in the front near the prison bars and protect me. I always hided in the back... this time he was not there for me, so it was just terrible terrible terrible

We finally made it back home and mom brought me upstairs to her room and let me have some peace and quiet... I have not been scratching my ears anymore. I just decided to stop doing that and besides, now my ears are sooo greasy.

Well, mom is still waiting for the phone call about my lab work... I hope it comes back super good.
I feel pretty good, I eat really well and the sub-q's are rather annoying but I know that they are good for me. I only get sub-q's one day a week and I always get two Temptations and some kitten crunchies.

Purrrrs, thank you for reading all of this and being so nice to me.
Here is a picture of silly Pierro to make you laugh :-)

I love all of you

Treat everyone with politeness,
even those who are rude to you
- not because they are nice,
but because you are.

~Author Unknown

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mancat Monday ~ Caesar + Canmat-in-Braining ~ Pierro

Caesar was brave and he climbed up on top of the cabinets over the refrigerator It is a dangerous climb.

Even in his last days Caesar would climb up to look over his house and watch over the peeple. Mom used to worry that he would fall and since he was almost 17 years old she was really worried that he would break his bones But he was brave and always took the chances for this was what he loved to do every day, climb.

I am brave too I love climbing, and I am so fast mom can't catch me!

so sorry we have not been around to visit much Mom was sick for a few days (she never gets sick!), and she did some visiting and some driving and some gardening and some baking
(a home made peach pie)

and other "slave-ish duties"

Prinnie had to go to the vet on Saturday !!! and she will tell you about that on Wednesday
she told me it was so horrible she can't talk about it yet!

High paws and 5-marble purrrs ~ Pierro!

The problem with troubleshooting
is that trouble shoots back.

~Author Unknown