Friday, May 18, 2012

Frootbat Friday

Pierro: Happy Frootbat Friday
I want you to meet somecat.
This is my cousin Chester

He is a bonkbonk mancat.
He lives in Maryland with mom's big sister

Miles: hey kitties!

This is my friend Luna.
She lives up the road about ten miles.
I like her because she is orange, and she is bronkiepretty too
look at her tummy furs wowie!

"Basic research"

is what I am doing

when I don't know

what I am doing.

~Wernher von Braun

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mancat Monday

Pierro: Happy Mancat Monday every kitty
Miles and I are on the job always bonkbonk vigilant for the possibility that mom's head might explode from wedding overload.

Miles: I hope mom does not explode

who would clean our bronkie offices?

Who, being loved, is poor?
~Oscar Wilde