Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Today I am 7 yeers old

Yep, today is my BONKIE BIRTHDAY!.
I can't believe it has been so long since Miles and I could blog on OUR blog.
 Mom has been too busy spending quality time with her momma and daddy.
They are both 91! and they live very close by now at Ashby Ponds! (just Google it)

So here we are.
I hope all of you are happy and healthy!
We are doing just great!

We miss all of you soo much. Really, bonk lots
I hope all of you can come over for some
catnip cuppiecakes and toona joos
and play in our boks fort/main office/exercise room whateverrr.

Miles: Hi bronkie poodins
It is so wonderful to say hello to all of you!
Thanks for coming to the pawty today! Have fun and let's get really wild!
When you haf to go home,
just take a toy along with you.

We love all of you sooooo bronkie much


Isn't it weird that we do not blog anymore?
Kind of sad =:-(

We hope one day to be blogging again just like days of olde, but right now, mom is looking saggy and soggy.
She needs something, like US playing and bonking on her and snuggling

Luff always,
Pierro and Miles

Friendship isn’t a big thing 
~ it’s a million little things.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Miles


Today is MY 4th BIRTHDAY!!

welcome to my house. we are having my bronk party at the main office here in the big room
our talented neighborkitties are here to provide
snazzy music for us so we can race around, and dance

we have HAM
and lots of yummy snacks -- and tuna cookies
and crabbie cakes

Miles: and my favorite ever BLOO FISH CAKE

Here are the other important things:

Pierro: Enjoy yourselves and when you have to go back home please take a bonkie toy along with you.

bonks and bronks for a happy day
dear kittypals!
We still have troubles blogging regularly
But just know that we are missing you and 
hope you are playing and having fun every day.
Love, Pierro and Miles

The key to happiness
is having dreams.
The key to success is
making your dreams come true.
- Anonymous

It takes a long time
to grow an old friend.
~John Leonard

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy New Year Every Kitty

Uhmm, in short:
we have been bonkbonk good
mom has been busy
Every thing is great.

My birfday is Monday
 I will have a pawty, so you can come and play if you want 
and I will have a big fishie cake and everything

Pierro: of course we miss kittyblogland!!

We have been spending most of our time in our main winter office, which has a great view of the domain, and out the windows. When there is a sunny day, we are at our satellite office that we allow mom use a vast portion as her sewing room.

4 years ago, my mommy Coco bronked me out.

Yes, the Blizzie did get married on November 9.

So mom and dad are officially "empty nesters" -- but they have us, so they are never crying about that.
Gramma and Grampa are doing so great. Mom takes them to the doctor and the dentist and grocery shopping
and spends some time with them every day.

The big plan is they are going to move to Ashby Ponds in June. It is a great place for older people to live together. So instead of gramma and grampa living one mile away in a regular apartment with not much to do, They will live in this wonderful setting with lots wonderful activities to do - and it is only 4 miles away from our mommy and dada.

Mom is still trying to blend in her personal happy time somewhere in between house maintenance, chores, shopping and paying attention to the two 90 year olds. She can fit that happy time in, but then she is exhausted - which personally, I love...
she cuddles with ME.
Miles: See you on Monday for my Pawty!

it’s better to be

 than absolutely boring.
-marilyn monroe

(sorry for the huge gaps in the page
mom still cannot work out this blogger editor set-up)