Friday, August 27, 2010

Frootbat Friday!

Finally FRIDAY yipppeeeee
we hope you have a very happy bonkful Friday

Pierro: Miles and I play hard every day running running running crashing wrestling and pouncing

Then mom wants us to klonk out and take a nap so she can paint the kitchen greeeen

I still keep an eye on that little fellow

Miles: and have a bronk snappy last week-end of August!

We are hoping to get some time on the compooter this week-end to catch up on your blogs. Mom says it has been a crazy week getting Blizzie back to kollig

"What people revere,
they resemble, either for ruin
or restoration.”

~ G. K. Beale

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

"Faith does not need to push the river
because faith is able to trust that there is a river.
The river is flowing. We are in it."

~Richard Rohr

PS: many thanks everycat for sharing with us, in our last postie comments,
the treats that go around in your house. What fun!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mancat and Canmat-in-braining Monday

Pierro and I helped mom find stuff in her closit

what a mess

Somecat could break their neck in here!

we like to play in here.

cool stuff every where

Yeah, I guess we are helping too

bonks for a happy Monday
Snacks are the universe's way
of reminding you
that you're hungry.
Hello universe, I'm listening.

what is your favorite snack?
We do not get "snacks" but we do get Nutro crunchies
only in the evening.

We eat Nutro canned wet food every day

What is your beans favorite snack?
Mom says she likes cookies
and cheese
and triscuit crackers
Daddy likes peanuts and pepperage farm goldfishies
they both drink a lot of koffee