Friday, March 26, 2010

Frootbat Friday and My Gotcha-versary

Today is the day, two years ago, mommy and daddy got me and brought me to my
new place. Remember when I first got to meet Princess?

then she let me hang around her a lot.

She was a very cute and curly gramma kitty and she did not hiss at me too much.

I hope you can stay a while and celebrate my 2nd gotchaversary day

I have a cool jazz piano kitty, playing some snazzy high quality jazz

and even the neighbor's doggie
is coming over to play some saxophone at 2:00

I have tuna juice to share with you

and shrimps. Have as many as you like!

Help yourselves
to the ham and kitty cheese puffs.

and you can relax with me in the sunshine too.

Guess what??
BIG news! Mommie is driving over to missie Coco's curlyswirly house today to play with her kit-tens. I will check her clothes to see what color furs she has on them.... heh.
Perhaps I can figure out which kittyboy is going to be my bro-furr
oh oh! ... she also took her camera. yep. she took her camera to missie Coco's curlyswirly
domicile today....

great news uppiedate:
Go to the curlyswirly bloggie and you will see my bro-furr. He is really tiny
and he is orange! wowie I am so excited. That tiny kit-ten is my bro-furrrrrr
He came to my blog and looked at me and I think he likes me too!

Sure, there is no "I" in Team
but there is "Me"!

~author unknown
"There is also meat and eat
so maybe we can get together as a team
and eat some meat!
~Caesar 9/5/07

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wayback Wednesday ~ kittens

here is a cutie picture of Caesar and Prinnie when they were very little kittens
they are 10 weeks old here, just before mommie got them from the lady, wayback in 1991.
Look how sweet ~ Prinnie rests her heavy head on little Caesar's back.
Awww that is sooooo cute...

They were brother and sister.
Mom got them and took them home. That was a long long long time ago.

guess what!?

Mom said I could get a kit-ten!
I have to wait a bunch more weeks and then I can have my very own tiny kit-ten!

daddy said he is going to adopt a curlyswirly kit-ten from missie Coco just for me!
I am going to get a kit-ten with a lot of stripes. I have never seen a stripe up close in my whole life. He will be so tiny, and I will be big!
Mommie said she will surprise me so all I know is that he has stripes everywhere on his legs and arms and his head and .... HIS TAIL! Maybe I can sneek and find something more about my very own kit-ten. If I find out anything. I will let you know!


I have to get ready for my kit-ten

I think have some decent kit-ten-safe toys. Mom! we need new kit-ten-safe toys!
Oh he might get lost in my tunnel. I will have to help him.

I have a million mousies...

come upstairs and see my room

I have a pretty nice room with two windows, a huge bed to jump on and a high quality stereo that plays classical music all day and all night, I have a bloo rug, and a lot of toys here too

okay down stairs again...

This is my very own office. I store all of my foods here.
Hey mom, put kit-ten food on the shopping list please.

I can walk around inside this special room whenever I feel like it.
I think that might be too dangerous for my kit-ten bro-furr though...
This room has two doors.
There are toys on the other side, and
a container with toothbrushes and my nail clippy scissors
a couple of clean blankies, and two boxes of catnip,
q-tippies ::shivers:: to clean my ears,
extra bowls for my foods
and teeth cleaning glop.

Here is my favorite downstairs window bed
there is a lot of room up here, enough for even four kit-tens!
I could have a kit-ten party up here.

I think it will be great having my very own kit-ten.
I am getting excited -- I almost can't wait!

Love is like
the wild-rose briar;

Friendship is like
the holly-tree.

The holly is dark when
the rose briar blooms,

But which will bloom
most constantly?

~Emily Brontë

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hi kitties.
I hope you had a bonkbonk week-end.

daddy and I have a lot to do today. Daddy works at home and I have to help him.
We take a lot of breaks and play the rug monster game.

and I like taking a short nap before mom comes home from skating.
then I can be very perky and ready to help her.
It was one of those March days
when the sun shines hot
and the wind blows cold:
when it is summer in the light,
and winter in the shade.

~Charles Dickens