Friday, January 25, 2013


I am 3 now

Welcome to my house dear friends. 
Let's have fun!  Let's have a party!

We can RUN all over the house

we can frolic
and scratch the carpits a little too
we can danse

we can eat a lot !!


Dig in kitty pals

we can take a long nap in the sun

we can play with toys

Are we having fun yet?

Yay! 3 is bronkie great

Thank you for being at my party today.

 Please take a new toy before you have to go!

This is going to be my best year!
I am so happy I have all of you for my best friends

Now and then, 
it is good to pause 
in our pursuit of happiness, and 
just be happy

~~Guillaume Apollinaire

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mancat Monday - Miles

Miles: Today I am going to show you something
really fun that I get to do to help my daddy in his own office.
He only has one office, it is located in between the bathroom and our bronkie main office.

See, this box comes out and it is good to check in there

So I just get in and then climb over and here I am

in this tiny little room where you can keep some toys, or

just have some quiet time, daddy too

Then I can come out later and just relax in the sun
I know,
I have really gotten smart and big since I was a kitten...
Pierro: Please come to Miles' birthday party this Friday!
He is gonna be 3

If a thing is worth doing, 
it would have been done already.