Friday, April 26, 2013

Frootbat Friday

Yep! it has been a bonkbonk long time.
Mom says life isn't getting much easier,
she is just getting better at managing all of the things.

here is a photo of mom with her mommy on a walk outside.
Gramma has been in the rehab place for a little over a month.
Our mom is bronking daddy's jacket because she left her's in the car.

Pierro: also, our daddy had a big surgery so that made mom even more busy.
Our daddy had a retina re-attachment!!!!!
Yes, it was scary.
Mom had to take a lot of care of daddy.... A LOT of care.
She still has to drive him around every where.

Miles: We snoopervised ...but... I wish I could drive

Pierro: We will try to update now and then but it is still so bonkbonkbusy
We are being pretty good boys.

Miles: We hope all of you are doing great 
and bronking a lot of fun with Spring!

The intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous,
the sensible man, hardly anything
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe