Friday, May 7, 2010

Frootbat Friday

everything is great here at home.
I have my dad, I have my mom and I have my sunny patch in my own room.
today is a good day to have a nap.

Here we had hot weather all week and mom put the cold blowing machine on.
brrrrrrr it was chilly

This week-end is going to be much nicer.
I hope your Friday is bonkful and your week-end is paw tapping fun!

Happy Mommy Day to all of the mommies!

God could not be everywhere
and therefore he made mothers.

~Jewish Proverb

and a funny one:
We hope that,
when the insects take over the world,
they will remember with gratitude
how we took them along
on all our picnics.

~Bill Vaughn

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wayback Wednesday

This wayback Wednesday has nothing to do with Caesar and Princess, meow!
I found this old picture of Blizzie when she was in 11th grade, back in the olden days of 2005. I was not even alive back then!!
The funny thing about this picture is that in high school, Blizzie played the piano in the
snazzy jazzy Jazz Ensemble. She did not even play anything in marching band. ever.

The marching band went to Texas to play in the CottonBowl halftime show and she went on that trip and played this instrument. It was really heavy, and Blizzie is really tiny

She had to learn how to march (heel-toe-heel-toe) and play this heavy instrument about two weeks before the trip.

haha funny.
she had a good time though and she got to wear this cool outfit and that snazzy hat with the huge feather too!

·····I want that feather!
I am happy. Blizzie is moving back home this Sunday.
This was the hardest college semester for her, she had an internship with the state department every day, and in the evening, she had classes until 8:00.
Oh my gosh, no naps!
Then she had to go to her apartment and write long papers - really long papers.
The end is in sight.
Come home and snuggle with me Blizzie
In other news:
****Today is the day my daddy comes home and I am excited to smell his stuff.

••••also, today is the day my tiny little orange brother, and his 4 brothers get their hoo-ha's snipped ouch! I am purring for all of them.
Missie CurlieSwirlieTeri took this picture, awwww 5 cutie boys.

Poor little guys. They will have owie butts.

I hope you have bonkful Wednesday

When they discover the center of the universe,
a lot of people will be disappointed
are not it!

Bernard Bailey

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hey furriends. How was your week-end? was it a good one?
Well, here it was just me and mom

yeah, she was picking me up and kissing me a LOT...

anyway, daddy went on a road trip to the U.P. of Michigan (Marquette) to see his dad and his big sister and his big brother too!
So, I have to be the mancat around the house.
I helped mom with many projects. I kept her busy the whole time all day this week-end.
She could not have done all those things with out my help and encouragement!
At night she needed me to cuddle with her.
I think she was afraid of robbers and bad guys running around the outside of the house.
So I let her pet me a lot. -yes, and the kissing.

Okay, so, we did some kitten proofing.
see, this is a very dangerous situation in the laundry room

A kitten, MY kitten Miles! could fall down here and get afraid and maybe hurt his paw.
I helped mom make a good shelf behind the machines

I helped her look in dad's box of things to get the right silver twirly things

See, I made a great shelf with mom.
mom thinks it looks like she has way too many bottles here, but really one bottle is almost empty and one is Lizzie's from college that she can't use because mom's machine different.

Now Miles can go and investigate behind the machines - from the floor level,
that is okay, it is safe, but he will not fall from above.
Mom thinks that was a fantastic idea, I thought of that!

I know, I used to be a canmat-in-braining... remember?
That is what Miles will be. He will be tiny and I will help him.

I am so excited!!!!
So I am going to help mom even more this week. Daddy will be back on Wednesday.
Today she is bringing another huge bag of my poops to the vetlady, so they can play with them, check them for bad stuff or something. Vetpeople need to find better hobbies...

Bonkbonk Mancat Monday!!!
"A word to the wise ain't necessary
- it's the stupid ones that need the advice."

~Bill Cosby