Saturday, July 28, 2007

Proverbs meme

We absolutely love the Proverbs meme!

This is sooo much fun!
Dragonheart tagged us, and so did LittleloudLucyfurr

They had fantastical proverbs.
Here is Dragonheart's:
"If at first your humans don't tend to your needs, meow and meow again."

Here is LittleloudLucyfurrs's:

Thank you Dragonheart and Lucykins for choosing us!

A proverb is a simple and concrete saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of catkind. They are often metaphorical.

I had many many great ideas for wonderful Proverbs.
Here are a few of mine:
"Talk doesn't open cans of meatglop."

"A kitty is as old as she feels herself to be."

this is my very favorite:
"Don't put all your Temptations into one crystal bowl."

Caesar: here is my Proverb:
"Many a whap is done in jest."

We do not know who to tag... hmmmm who has not done this yet?
We might be one of the last.
There were so many superb proverbs out there.
we should make a book!!!!!!

If you are interested in participating in this really fun meme
then you ARE hereby tagged!!

We hope you have a very special and exciting Saturday.
Blizzie is coming home today. I am waiting right here for her.
And I get my flooids this afternoon. Send bravery purrs.
snuggles and purrs, me

Here is a proverb my mom likes:

The nose is for breathing~
the mouth is for eating
cakes and cookies.
here is the mom and dad that SHE inherited this cookie obsession from
click to biggify and see the gramma in the background
snarfing the cookies
look at all of those cookies on the table!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Frootbat Friday

This is me, the sleeping frootbat. sometimes I lay like this while I am getting my flooids. But I keep my eyes a bit open... to be sure I get the babyfoods after.
If you click on the picture to biggify, you will see a great picture of ME and my eyes are a bit open too!

Prinnie is upstairs waiting and waiting for Blizzie to come home from her roade trippie.
grate nooz:
Yesterday Prinnie got her flooids, but guess what? she was happy while she got them, well, not ekstatic, but moderatley content. She did not struggle. Mommie and Bliz discovered a great thing. If Prinnie is in her snuggly cup bed, she feels more secure getting the flooids. One small step for Prinnie, One great step for getting flooids....or something like that.

Today is going to be a super fabbie day.
We hope you enjoy it, and have a wondermous week-end too

headbutts ~ Caesar

It is better to have loafed and lost
than never to have loafed at all.

~James Thurber

WE might be blogging only about three days a week for a few weeks. sorry. Things have gotten so busy here. We will try to visit around even when we do not blogg.
We love you. C + P

P.S.S.: We were taggied by Dragonheart and Lucy~furrfluffiekins for the proverb meme.
we ill work on it today... or tonight.
We willl each have a proverbbie coming up in a spiffy Jiffy. Thank you for tagging us DH snd L~F

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blizzie's first roade tripp is today!

Blizzie is going to werk at her silly grocery store job this morning, then... dundundun, ... gulp, I will get my subq's. Then, Blizzie is going bye-bye. She is going to the camp where her friend Katie is working as a counselor all summer. Blizzie is going to visit her. She is driving all the way to the camp place in her little car named "Cubby". This is her first big long roadtrippie all by herself. She printed out a squillon maps she got from Googlie mapps. It is only a one hour drive. She has her cell fone, and her camera. She is going to have a great adventure.

I will wait for her. She will come home some time on Saturday.
I will wait and wait and wait.

Happy Thursday to all of my friends.
Today is going to be a good day!
Like all great travelers,
I have seen more than I remember,
and remember more than I have seen.

~Benjamin Disraeli

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Word~full Wednesday

Prinnie took her flooids yesterday. She did not scream as loud and not for so long.
But she was still really ::::steamed::: afterward.

Okay, so this is how it goes: mommie comes into our roomie upstairs (if I am up there she throws me out... well, she politely asks me to leave...) and then she shuts the door with Prinnie and Blizzie and the bowl of chicken baby foods.... oh, and the big bag hanging on the nail and all of that scaary stuff... ie: the needle.

Mommie is not squeeemish at all. She is very calm and focused (she used to be a nurse and gets what she came for every time) , first and foremost, she makes Prinnie feel like she can trust her but mommie still gets what she wants: to get the flooids in Prinnie.
So, heeheehee, Prinnie sees mommie with the bowl and she gets up and makes a dive for under the big cozy bed in our kitty room. so then mommie has to lure her out with the mighty tempting stinky smell of the chicken in the bowl yumyumyum..... :::salivates::: finally Prinnie will come out and mommie puts her on the big pillow and holds her down. Blizzie helps. That is when mommie says 1-2-3 and stabs her and that is when the screaming really starts. Mommie and Blizzie talk very soothing and sweet to her and tell her how wonderful and courageous she is.
Prinnie does not listen. She is just mad mad mad.
Mommie thinks it is better to give her flooids at home than take her to the vetlady.
she thinks that she will eventually get used to it....

Prinnie is always happy and lovey dovey after about 30 minutes!

Today is Wednesday.
We hope you have the very very best day ever!

There are two tragedies in life.
One is to lose your hearts desire.

The other is to gain it.

~Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Facial Expression Tuesday

Luxie asked us to share a picture of a favorite facial expression.
Here is mine.

Today I have to get subqflooids (blah). I get them every other day because the vetlady likes me better than Caesar.
Okay well, Maybe that is not really the reason.
Boy do I get miffed when mommie gives me flooids. meee-yow!

mommie has not read the HP book7 either. Blizzie is reading.
She has read the last 6 books but at a very slow pace.
Sparknotes has a great synopsis of each of the stories. So does Wikipedia.
Right now she does not really have time....
Happy Tuesday to you!

"Sometimes, timing is everything."
~our daddie

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mancat Monday

Happy Monday.
We hope every kitty got some major lappie time in with the extensive Harry Potter reading marathon.
Did your bean like the ending?

Today is a busy day for mommie.
she might go to the rink... She has a bazillion chores and errands.
Prinnie has the day off from flooids. She still gets really krabby about it.

We hope today is your very best day ever!

Headbutts, Caesar

Genius is nothing
but a great aptitude
for patience.

~George-Louis de Buffon