Friday, February 3, 2012

Frootiebat Friday

Happy Friday kitties!
Today Pierro and I are bronking a half day at the satellite office
and then this afternoon
we are going to do some lounging around ...

... like watching mom do seventeen things at the same time, cleaning sewing bonking stuff away . . .

oooh she makes me bonkbonk tired

Miles: !! mom gimmie that

A right is not
what someone gives you;
it's what no one
can take from you.

~~Ramsey Clark

okayokayokay, here is another one:
Nothing shows a man's character more
than what he laughs at.

~~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Now go out there and have a fun Friday kittypals!!
bonks and bronks

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mancat Monday

Thank you every kitty for coming to my party. It was great fun
and mom even said that we were good (MOL)

Today we are relaxing in the sun and enjoying it

because after a couple more spring-like days,
winter will be coming back.
bonks and bronkies for a happy Monday

"Every day I go into the world
to seek my identity,
feeling greatly blessed by the things
I don't find it in."

~~ Robert Brault