Friday, May 8, 2009

Frootbat Friday

Hi kitties guess what Prinnie is getting a bit better She is eating foods and mom is forcing her to drink I think water feels crummy on her throat so that is why she was not drinking mom also gave her some pain medication so she would not feel so hurty mom says "Things are looking up!"

THANK YOU all of you for the purrrs and prayers

Now, mom has been very busy with Prinnie. Every two hours she gives Prinnie foods and pets her and gives her waters. (mom did not go skating/ice dancing this week at all!) I have been a very good boy and daddy and I play a lot (dad works at home) and I have been busy looking out the windows at the bloo birds that live in our yard.

So, mom has been VERY tired and not helping us with the computer and visiting. Last night she had a plan to give Prinnie fluids, and give her a snack, then have some snuggle time with ME.... but dad said to mom at around 10:30pm, "what is this all over Pierro's carpit in his room" and mom came and looked and .... oooopsie I got poops stuck to my tail when I was in my litter box and I could not get it off so I jumped really fast out of my box and flung poops all over the walls and carpit and I slid my butt on the carpit to get that stoopit poop off of my tail.

mom said "OH MY CAT!!" or something like that and then she spent the next 20 minutes scrubbing and washing the walls and carpit with Lysol, did I mention that the poop was everywhere?... and then, dad said "well, I wonder what Pierro's butt looks like" and he captured me and I had the evidence still on my tail and butt, so then mom spent the next 10 minutes cleaning my tail and butt while dad clamped me in his arms and she used soap and made me smell like a flower!

I hope all of you have a happy week-end.
Prinnie still can't meow, but she is getting stronger.

We love all of you so very much we have not been much on the innernets so please leave me a note and tell me how all of you are doing and what the plan is for the week-end
don't forget it's mother's day and moms love taking care of us

super crashy headbonkies with summersaults and air biscuits

Happiness is like jam,
You can't even spread a little bit
without getting some on yourself

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whitecat Wednesday

I STILL cannot meow
I am taking my medicines and mom is giving me subq's at night because she says I am not drinking enough

Thank you for the purrrrs and prayers

Happiness is a grateful spirit,
an optimistic attitude,
and a heart full of love.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whitecat Tuesday

hey happy Tuesday Kitties!
I hope everycat is doing well

um actually I have have a bit of a problem the past few days. I had to go to the vet on Monday!! It was terrible. Please purrr for me.
See, last week Friday when Pierro had his check up, mom got this glop from the vetlady called EFA ultra, some liquid stuff, with fish oil in it. It was for me, to stay healthy. Well, mom was hesitant about giving it to me, but on Sunday morning she decided to give me a littlebit in my breakfast foods. I gobbled my foods up and then I took a nappie in the moonchair.
About two hours later... I could not meow and I was feeling barfy but did not barf, my throat was gloppy and bothering me a lot!. Mom was very worried and took my temperature and it was okay but I was feeling really crummy.
So, Monday morning (yesterday) she took me straight to the vet place.
So the vet checked me all over. I could not scream at her because my throat was all gloppy
the vet gave mom a bottle of pills to heal my throat. she thinks I might have gotten sick and threw up some gastric stuff... not sure.
So. anyway... mom is still worried about me
By the way, I still can't meow, I like eating though, I am depressed and quiet and sad oh my, and I am purrring too. Mom and dad are busy taking care of me and loving me.
I want to get better.
mom will write an uppie-date later today.
I love all of you very much.
Pierro is being a very good helper. He is very sweet to me.

1:00pm Tuesday uppiedate:
I am doing okay. hate that medicine (sucralfate 1/4 tablet given in a slurry) to heal my throat, mom gave me a tiny pepcid too. just disgusting, bleh.
I still can't meow, so annoying. I am doing okay but my throat feels like there is something stuck in it. maybe I have a booboo on my throat. I am usually very vocal and this is really bothering me. When I get up and walk around I feel like I want to barf but I don't, it is almost like a chokey feeling.
I am not running a fever, I love my foods, drinking is not so exciting so mom gave me sub-qs last night... and threatening to give me some tonight.
Thank you so much for purring for me. I really love all of you very much! Pierro continues to be a good boy, not playing any tricks on me.

biggest act of

courage is a
small one.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mancat Monday

Hey kitties. I survived the vet!! I was brave and I did not go bonkers in the carrier on the way home either. Mom was proud of me. I am a mancat now!
I hope all of you have a happy Monday!
Only one life, 'Twill soon be past.
Only what's done for Christ will last.