Friday, April 16, 2010

Frootbat Friday

because I have giardia, mom has to clean the whole house. It is obvious the only way I got giardia is that when I had it as a kitten, the treatment I had two years ago did not take all of the cysts out of my tummy pipes, so it just laid there dormant, and then it decided to hold a surprise party, and that is why I have it again.
Mom says this time she is going to get rid of it forever!

mom is driving me crazy. She is washing everything in the house, she is cleaning the carpets, the floors, MY STUFF and ME!!. This house smells like a hospital.

I smell like a hospital!

Look- she took my litter boxes away.

She soaked them in bleach for hours and now they are so clean they do not smell like they are mine anymore. She won't let me use my trusty litterboxes.

Mom gave me these ridiculous boxes, much too tiny for a mancat like me.
I really dislike using these teeny-tiny boxes...

I am sorry I have not been commenting on all of your blogs. I feel bad about that.
Mom has been too busy to help me with the compooter (which also smells like a hospital). Yesterday I gave her a break and said she could go skating for two hours, then she came home and she had video chat with gramma and grampa in Maryland.
It was really great. I got some peace and quiet for a few hours

Then she was back to the craziness and cleaning.

I am still taking my icky medicines.

See mom keeps them in the fridge, and always has a clean syringe plugged in ready to go.
Sheeeesh she is like a machine.

You know what?
Yesterday was the
19th celebration of Caesar and Princess's birthday!

Amazing huh? They had long happy lives
and mom says the memories are golden!

I hope all of you have a bonkful bonklie Friday

"I've been looking over the list of spring chores
I made up
last fall,
and darned if they aren't fall chores,
after all."

~Robert Brault

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wayback Wednesday

Here is an old picture of Caesar and Prinnie
in the kitchen
begging and pleading for foods-
teamwork is always effective...

Which reminds me....
Mom, can I have a snack?

Have a fun Wednesday kitties!

OH OH guess what?
My tummy troubles never went away (over two months of suffering) and the vetlady was just grabbing ideas out of thin air, mom was getting quite frustrated with the vetlady -- so anyway, mom brought a whole bunch of my poops in bags to the vetplace!!! Yep, she brought the vet all of my drippy poops. She labeled each bag with the day and time I created it. She triple bag stored it in the fridge too haha
They had my pile of poops alllll day on Monday, and finally Monday night (are you falling asleep yet?) at 8:30 the vetlady called and said, well, guess what?
She told mom that I tested positive for giardia. so I had it all this time. Mom knew I had it but the tests always came back negative...
Mom was very mad that they waited so long to treat me with the right medicines (guess what? they taste horrible) and now mom has to wash the whole house and all of the furniture, and anything else she can get her hands on will be cleaned! She is even washing my own paws.
Mom! I can clean myself!

okay thank you for reading about my poop.

bonkbonk for a sunny day
"The worst form of inequity
is to try to make unequal things, equal"

- Aristotle.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mancat Monday

Yay it is Monday ~ Mancat Monday!!
Here is another one of the great ways I help mom

She cleans the clothes and towels
and I help sort and put the kitchen linens away


There are some days
I practice positive thinking,

and there are days
I am not positive I am thinking

~John M. Eades