Friday, September 26, 2008

Froootbat and flowers Friday ~~ and bean medical updates


Oh happy day
Thank you everycat for such a lovely birthday for Pierro. He is such a wild monkey and on his birthday mommie went to visit her mom and dad in Annapolis Maryland and daddy stayed home and supervised (he works at home)... Pierro was put in timeout for about 15 minutes because he was being a pest with me. haha on his birthday haha

Thank you so very much for your birthday wishes for our silly clown.

Here are some pretty flowers in gramma's garden

Don't they look happy?

bean medical stuffs:
Dad had his eye surgery done on Wednesday and the new lens is much better. He is recovering nicely.
Mommie is NOT going to the new oncologist today. she is happy the appointment was cancelled because the ladydoctor is brand new in this practice. The practice is still getting certifications from insurance companies for her, or whatever... so mommie has to wait. haha she is happy haha

I hope everycat has the very best happy Friday and a zippie~snazzerficial week-end
love and purrs

Wherever you go,
go with all your heart.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Pierro!

Today is my birthday
I am a mancat I am a mancat


Today is silly Pierro's birthday.
He is a mancat... finally!
Please join us today and celebrate our wonderful clownboy's first year!
we love him so much!
Here is a long story:
Caesar led us to Pierro in March. Mommie was crying a lot. She was so heartbroken about my littermate brother Caesar going to the bridge on January 20 of this year. she cried and cried and cried and cried. she would not stop crying!! She promised me that she would take care of me now that Caesar was gone. She would make sure I was happy and loved now that I was alone.
Then one day in March, mommie was looking in the newspaper and she saw a tiny advert for cornish rex kittens and there was a website She loves looking at cornish rex kittens and she went to the web page and saw the kittens.
The minute she saw Pierro's photo,
she looked at him carefully and fell immediately in love with him

these are photos from Dimitri's webpage ^

Perhaps some of you might remember the the events from this first realization that Caesar continued to be in our lives. Blizzie and mom went to the breederguy's house (Dimitri) and looked at his kittens over spring break. He did not live far from our house. Mom told dad that she just wanted to "go and look". Blizzie and mom met two kittens, Pierro and Primus.
She loved Pierro instantly, but Primus was also really cute.
Both kittens were adorrrrable!
She came home and thought maybe two kittens would be okay... but she was worried about me.
She called the vetlady and the vet lady said no, only one kitten. (because of me, and my age. The vet knows me very well) Well, momie did not listen to those words and brought home two days later, two kittens, Pierro and Primus. Then things started unraveling. Mom started worrying a lot about me and the kittens were very wild and silly. she was worried that I would get trampled (I am 17 and almost 1/2 now) and get very very sad. Mom realized she had make a huge mistake bringing two kittens home.
Well, the next day mom had to bring Primus back. She felt really stupid and impulsive. Mom believes that Caesar led us to Pierro. He knew that mom would be very sad when he went to the bridge. Caesar picked the perfect kitten for mom.
Pierro, when he first came to our house... he was really afraid.

So we have had Pierro in our house for 6 months, if you remember in April, Pierro had his hooha surgery only a week after mom brought him home.

Pierro and Blizzie

Now, Pierro is a very good boy. sometimes he bothers me but mostly he is a very gentle and sweet tiger just like Caesar was. I am sure, Pierro was heaven sent!
Look at this lovely birthday graphic that zoolatry made for us!

Have some home made catnip cookies *smiles*

have fresh tuna cookies
I tested them already

but pleeeease

do not take

any of my noo mowsies

Thank you to everycat for being our friends.
we love all of you very very much.

daddy is having his eye surgery this week, so mom will not be around much to help us visit.
also... some gentle purrrs for mommie,
She is going to a new cancer doctor on Friday and she is not looking forward to it.
Usually new a doctor visit means piles of new tests, disgusting!!

Pierro: If you visit the m-cat club guess what?
Ohboy ohboy I am sooo surprised!!!

When I was younger, I could remember anything,
whether it had happened or not;
but my faculties are decaying now
and soon I shall be so I cannot remember any
but the things that never happened.

~Mark Twain

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mancat Monday ~ Caesar + Canmat-in-Braining ~ Pierro

Today is my last day being a canmat-in-braining tomorrow is my birthday I will be a big boy

Caesar was a great mancat and I can be just like him

today is my last day to be a canmat-in-braining

To sensible men,
every day is a day of reckoning.

~John W. Gardner