Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Frootbats

Thank you to all of you, dear kittypals, for the great compliments on our boxfort.

We are very proud to have such an industrious mom servant that actually makes a feeble effort to ensure our happiness with small gestures of creativity

Miles: This was a busy week.... Blizzie came home from spring break... sick! she even smelled bad!

she brought a tummy virus home. She sits in bed and drinks gatorade
and eats pasta and dry bagels. Mom gives her zantac 75 to make her tummy stop being angry.

Pierro: It is going to be a great week-end full of sunshine and bonks
“Experience is the name
every one gives
to their mistakes.”

~Oscar Wilde

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mancat Monday

Hi kitties!

Mom has been doing some maintenance to our boxfort
She made some additions and repaired some parts, that we have trampled; she made them a little more sturdy
so, today I am going to show you some details of our mancat boxfort.

It comes in two sections...

mom made it that way so she can carry it around the house.
She never does that though, but if she had to....

the front and back go together perfectly, and mom made a bloo mark with a pencil to show where to line up the front and back boxes so the rooms in our basement are easy to move around in.

the back half is lighter...
mostly because there is no wood or heavy stuff attached

no that is not a poopie in the middle
it is that longlost mouse!
Mom says if you want to get your servant to make you a boxfort, they should get clean boxes from a moving supplies place.
Our mom is always making stuff.

Everything is glued together with a very hot glue gun.

When she is doing that, daddy has to snoopervise us, -- or mom does it when we are konked out (after completing many hours monitoring the status around our huge domain here, which is exhausting!!)

mom also found a piece of board in our peeple dungeon/basement that used to belong to one of the girl beans' high school locker shelves.

It sturdied up our front second floor tunnel, which was getting a bit saggy from our heavy mancat trampling. Here you can see we also have plenty of closet space!

Right now, Pierro is in his office, well, one of his offices... :-p

Greetings Kitties!

Welcome to our box fort. Miles and I work and play in this a lot.
We especially like to play in it when it is dark in the room and mom and dad are trying to watch some BBC movie from Netflix.

On the side of my office here, I have a port hole
This round thing mom got from her new blender packaging....
she killed her olde blender.
I can stick my head in it -- um, if I want

Miles: this is my special office.

Oh yes, Pierro and I share offices many times.
Mom just put this new penthouse cover on.
this used to be open, but I like the coziness of this tunnel cover.

I hope you enjoyed the boxfort tour.
Happy Monday. We hope you have bronkie sunshine


I would like say that Miles and I are bonking and purring
for Mickey and his family today. Mickey is feeling sick.
He is the best mancat and we love him so much

Here he is relaxing.
He is the epitome of gallantry and a role model for all mancats!

Great tranquility of heart
is his

who cares for neither praise
nor blame.

~Thomas à Kempis