Friday, November 16, 2007

Fuzzy Friday

My head feels fuzzy.

Mommie has been very busy and not helping us. We are sorry.
yesterday we had the weekly video-chat with gramma and grampa !!! gramma is doing so much better! She drove to the food store all by herself on her own without grampa. With her irregular heartbeat, she has been kind of nervous and depressed, but she is doing okay. She was always worried that she might get dizzy and faint and end up back in the hospital. She is getting her confidence back! They are coming to our house for Thanksgiving!

We will try to visit around today.
Meantime, Happy Snappy Friday and keep warm and snuggly!
~The tragedy of life
is not that man loses,
but that he almost wins.

--Heywood Broun

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wordfull Wednesday

We are going to try to visit you today.... or most probably tomorrow.
Blizzzzzzzzzzie is coming home for a few hours today.
she has a dermatologist appointment and then she will eat dinners here and daddie will take her back to school.

So, um.... what are your plans for next week? Will you be banished to the kitty room next Thursday? Will someone come and take care of you while your beans go away and eat food somewhere else?
What are your beans doing for the Thanksgiving?

Mommie has been a blur of activity here trying to make our house look as though clean neat and tidy beans and cats live here. The whole family is coming here... well, that is the plan. It does depend completely on how gramma feels that day. So, that will be, mommie daddie, Blizzie (she comes home next Toosday again for four days) Chrystabelle and her wonderful handsome boyfriend, Jason (he is kind of a-lergic to kitties so mommie will give him a claratin) and gramma and grampa. So, it will just be a small gathering as the other relaytives do not usually come for Thanksgiving.
Look at this pretty picture of moi that Peachie's mommie made!!!!

Is it not beautiful? Is it not lovely??
It is Trés beau! Merci beaucoup MissPeachie's mommie for making me your first artistical subject!

Okay... so I am done.
I better go now

Purrrrs and (((hugs))).

Be present when you are with people.
Breath deeply
and listen not only with your ears
but more importantly with your heart.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mancat Monday

Happy Monday, Kitties!
We hope you had a fun week-end.

I am back to my wintertime surveillance maneuvers. Up here I can see everything.
There is a big heat vent up here which is just one of the perks.
Sometimes, if I am very busy, mom brings me my lunch!

??What is that you said mommie? You are skating today and tomorrow??

Oh well, we will visit bloggies this afternoonie

Have a sooper dooper day!

A habit is something
you can do without thinking
- which is why most of us
have so many of them.

~Frank A. Clark