Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday: week over view

yes, this has been quite a week... lots of things happened.. FUN things and terrible clogging things, happy times and sad events. Such is this life...

Now the week-end. This is really a good time to reflect.

Thank you so much for the super strong purrrs for mommie. She is such a baby when she has to go to the doctor. She gets panicky... When she came home she was much happier and we gave her piles of attention.
Again, thank you from Caesar and me for those strong purrrrrrrz for mommie.

We are so excitapated about Blizzie coming home from the kollig compound next Toozday. Mommie has to go and get her because daddie will be in Floreeduh at a konfurrince. I think he will be eating ice cream there... because we saw a special ticket for the ice cream social. Wowie we could do what daddie does too... Anyway, mommie is going to drive her machine to Pencilvainya to get the Blizzette and all of her kollig clutter. We are going to have a party when she comes home. THEN we are going to have SlowSarah come over and learn how to take care of us, mommie is going to invite her early so she can learn all of our requirements because.... on Saterday... next Saterday, mommie daddie and Blizzie are going to go to the Kollig of the Williyam and the Mary and see Chystabelle gradjoomate from the kollig. I think she will have agradjoomation soot on and a special hat too.

So, anyway... getting back to today.
We hope every cat has a delightful Saterday and week-end with your peeple
Living is a form of not being sure,
not knowing what next or how . . .
We guess.
We may be wrong,
but we take leap after leap
in the dark.

~Agnes de Mille

Friday, May 11, 2007

<3 farewell to a very much beloved furrriend ~

We are so deeply saddened for the loss of TeaCup, our favorite badkittycat ever.
We will miss you sweet friend... However, we will see you again some day
We snagged this wonderful picture of Mr. Handsome TeaCup Zepheniah, our most fond furrbuddy furrever from Megan his mommie's bloggie
We are sending strong purrs and prayers for TeaCup's family. All of us are so heartbroken.
It is going to take some time to heal from this loss.

Oh we want to cry a million tears today.
fortunately we had worked on our meme before we learned this news... otherwise, we are not sure we could have accomplished this.

and... we can try to go on bravely . . .
~Friday Frootbats~+ the meme

Dragonheart, and several other wonderful kittyfriends now (we did not realize we were "so Poopular")....tagged both of us to write 7 random things about ourselves. thank you everyone for tagging us to do this meme. (what does meme mean anyway?)
Here are the rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Kittypoos's who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven kitty tigers to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

#1. I am all white, but when I was a kit-ten, I had some black furs on my head. They went away when I got big.
#2. When I was 1 year old, I went through a nesting stage after I was spayed. I gathered important things from around the house and hid them under Blizzie's (my favorite girl) bed. One day mom discovered under Blizzie's bed... *oh this is sooo embarraassssing* two bath towels, a half full package of hot dog rolls, lots of underpanties missing from the dirty laundry, and several used "sanitary items" of mommies absconded from her trashcan. I took the bag of hot dog rolls and the towels from down stairs and brought them up all by my self! The other items were readily available on the upper level. I continued this nesting activity for several months... mommie usually only took back the things that were food... or "icky" from under Blizzie's bed, as she felt I need to work through this stage...
#3 once when I was 3 years old, I climbed behind the insulation in the basement and got stuck behind there. Caesar had to go get mommie. She had to cut the insulation to get me out. That was interesting behind there...
#4 I swallowed a needle with red thread when I was two years old... on my mommies birthday. She had to take me to the emergency vet to get it removed. Lucky me, I had a really full tummy. Mommie had a great birthday that year.
#5 I am very vocal and very very loud
#6 I chewed off all of Caesar's whiskers. They never grew back :::blushes:::
#7 I love my little bean, Blizzie the best, but now that she is at kollig, I tolerate mom and dad. I miss sitting on Blizzie's lap while she plays the piano. She is coming home on Tuesday... I am so excited!!!!!

#1 I am mommie's faverite kitty boy. She adores me. I help her do everything. I purrr all the time.
#2 I look just like my kitty mommie (Prinnie looks like our kitty daddie, all wite)
#3 One day I like the meat glop being served, then the next day I don't like it. So mommie always has lots of open cans of stinkie goodness in the fridge. Sometimes she mixes two kinds together to get me to eat, so I only eat the part I like.
#4 I am very very messy in the litter box, I like to splash the litter around but I never cover. never.
#5 I always announce to mommie after I use the litter box by howling really REALLY loud and manly. Then when she says, "good boy Caesar" I change to my loud kit-ten voice. But she has to say 'good boy Caesar' or I go crazy.
#6 I still try to climb stuff even though I am 16 and getting kind of stiff and creaky .
#7 Prinnie and I sleep in our own paradise bedroom at night. It has a heeter, a huge peeple bed with piles of fluffy snuggly blankies and all the luxurious comforts you could imagine, even classical radio all night... but back in the day (before mommie got the hotflashie things) I would sleep with my mommie. I would get under the covers... and go down to the end of the bed, and lie on my side and hold on to mommies leg with my front legs and back legs. I had to sleep like that... then mommie started getting boiling hot so now we sleep in our own rooooom

We have lots of other things about us we could share but we will leave it at this.
When you are 16... you have history, heh hehe.

Here is the chance we get to pick from our friend kitties to do this meme thing.
We tag: (you have to list 7 things)
1 Chairman MaoMao
2 Sara (when she has a chance to dictate to her mommie because she is still at the ho-tel, poor fuzzy little suffering thing)
3 Mr. Hendrix, or Bendrix or both :-)
4 Fazlovebucket
5 Suzanne, the soon to be sweet and sassy 16
6. Floofy lovely Luna in Germany
7 SammmmmY the meEzer

We are needing some strong purrs for our mommie this morning. She has a doctor appointment today, and she needs to be brave. Strong Purrs for Braveness, pleeeeeeezzzzz

"Think for yourself. Don't be a sheep.
There are already too many sheep in the world."

~my daddie's mommie

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

Tuesday, when I went to the vetman... I really had to see a vet lady and she was pretty nice. She had long red fur on her head. The whole visit was rather embarrassing, the whole being constipated thing. I was totally humiliated . . .
But the nice thing was, as usual, everyone at Leesburg Veterinary Hospital was so nice and they thought I was really handsome. They hadn't seen me in so long since I have been so healthy, so they even acted like they missed me. Everyone was like, "Wowie Caesar" I like how they pretend you are famous or something when you go to the vet.

Since the last time I was there, I noticed a few changes. The waiting room now has a huge aquarium, and there were the usual two big cages with cute kitties looking for forever homes. One kitty was ginormus. His name was Cupid. His paws were four times the size of mine and his head was huuuuge it was twice as big as mine. He was pretty laid back.
I also met a doggie that like kitties. His man brought him over to the kitty side (not really allowed) and that was a friendly doggie but wowie he scared me half to death. Good thing my mommie was there.

So, anyway, the vet tech was a guy and he was really nice to me.
The vet lady said it is normal for 16 year olds to get constipated. How embarrassing.
When we got home I just curled up in a ball and tried to sleep off the trauma....

Now I have to take some medicine every day. Mom gives it to me in a syringe. she jusst dumps it in my mouth. I am okay with that. It is not so bad.

So anyway... life is good. I had a really nice looking poop this morning. Very big and brown. I was so proud of it I did not cover it.

Oh, I almost forgot, here is a picture of Blizzie the little girl bean at the kollig with her Jazzgroop. Mommie and daddie went to see her on Saterday. She is the one playing the big black box on the left. They call that a piano. We have one here but mommie wont let me in that room to inspect it. It is one of those, you know, "no-no" places
Mom is going to the rink today. We hope all of you kitties have a super fabbie day! We will be here, basking in the sun... oh, it looks like rain actually....

One of the advantages of being disorderly

is that one is constantly making
exciting discoveries.
~A. A. Milne

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Word-Full Wednesday

Poor Caesar.... he had to go to the vetman yesterday.

After mommie came home from the rink yesterday,
Caesar started complaining of a poopie stuck in his butt.
He was crying and everything, so mommie got the blue prison box out and took Caesar away in the car.
he came back later and smelled really funny. Mommie showed me the medicine he has to take every day to keep his poops soft. I am going to drink a lot and show mommie I do not need medicine for poops.

We hope you have a great day today. Mommie is going to be home most of the day but she might go out hunting for food.

I am going to go check on Caesar now.
We love you kittiefriends
~~Prinnie and ConstipatedCaesar

Only those who risk going too far

can possibly find out
how far one can go.
~T.S. Eliot

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tigresssss Toozday

yesterday was a really pretty day. It was sunny and nice.

Our daddie opened the back door for me.
So, I spent most of the day .... just like this. It was so nice

My great gramma knitted this yellow blankie.
I think my mommie gave it to me.

Today is supposed to be warm again. goodie!

Happy Tuesday
"Become a Possibilitarian.
No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are,
raise your sights and see possibilities
—always see them, for they're always there."

~ Norman Vincent Peale

Monday, May 7, 2007

ManCat Monday

I think I look like a mancat in this picture.
See my huge muskles? I even have a 6-pack. Can you see it? It has handles :-D

We missed Chey and Latte's wonderful wedding and reception. Mommie and daddie left for Blizzie's kollig at 5:pm on the dot and did not come home until 12:30 am!
They had a wonderful time... hugging Blizzie and listening to her play the piano with her Jazz Groop, and we sat here alone and our limo never showed up! We were very very very disappointed. I was thinking about barfing on the carpet in retaliation but... I am 16 now so I just took it like a mancat. Prinnie was terribly upset and sobbed quietly in a tissue all evening.
We saw the pictures of the wedding and we just want to say ConCatulations to you, Latte and Chey and may you have many blissful years together.

On a side note: mommie brought home a noospaper from Blizzie's college. Blizzie does not know anyone that works at the college noospaper and also, Blizzie does not even know we have a blog (she is so busy with college she does not even have time to read our blog anyway) There was an article in the paper about "a cat that blogs" and they wrote an article primarily about a blog called Prince Muddy Paws. ... We will scan the article later this week. My mommie was very shocked to see OUR NAMES mentioned in the article.... very very freaky.

Have a happy day KitCATS!!

is somebody else's wei
yeah, :::sigh:::