Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kitten Saturday

mommie says I am a Can-Mat-in-Braining ~ oh boy
I can be her helper when I get big and smart
mom: sweet little Pierro, you are most certainly a Mancat-in-Training *giggles*

Put a grain of boldness
into everything you do.

~Baltasar Gracian

Friday, April 11, 2008

Frootbat Friday


Finally Froootbat Friday.

Pierro is coming out of Blizzie's room with mom's supervision. He came to my very sunny room (with mom hovering) and looked around for quite a while. I decided I did not feel like watching him after a few minutes so I meowed kindly and vacated the area.... I went to mom and dad's room where I have my nice bed.
Mom said I was being really nice. Yeah. He is pretty cute. very quiet but he did not jump on me so he continues to dwell firmly in my very good graces. I think he likes me too. He is very shy. I am not shy so this will be fine. I will help him. He has the most adorabibble meow. What a puff!

Um... Hi *waves* ::runs under the bed in Blizzie's room::

::mom comes over and gets Pierro from under the bed::

I am really happy here my sister is all white Wow she is nice to me and she smells good
::breathes:: She has a nicer room than me I am going to be extra good so I can hang around there with her I love mommie I have a fun dingfeather toy mom calls me Mr.Poopy she dumps poison down my throat twice a day I try to wiggle away but she always wins ::breathing:: ok Bye. ::slinks back into Blizzie's room::

Princess: mom did a silly thing yesterday. (oh meow, I should be telling all of you this on tattle-tail Tuesday) While preparing our foods in separate dishes, she put my vitamins and Cosequin in Pierro's kitten food. As soon as she put the powders in she realized what she did... so she dumped Pierro's kitten foods in with my bland and boring KidneyFunction food, mixed it all up and gave me half. Wow. Yummo. I get the other half later. I love having a little brother!!!
I love having a flaky mom too!
Pierro of course got his kitten food. He is a very good boy. He just better not wrestle with me... or I will give him a whap with my paw!

I hope you have a happy~snappy week-end!
never forget - you are loved by me : vous êtes avez aimé par moi

purrrs and headbonkies
If we did all of the things
we are capable of doing,
we would literally
astound ourselves!

~Thomas Edison

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Whitecat and Wacky Wednesday

Happy Wednesday
Yesterday I was napping in mom and dads room and mom brought Pierro to see me.
I meowed at him three times. I did not hiss.
We touched noses.
Pierro was quiet and eager, but curious.
Then she brought him back to his room.
We need to get him completely over this giardia before we get to share stuff and meet.
so far, I have not shown any signs of giardia.

Here he is in his wacky popart fashion!

A very cute awardie

I feel very proud and happy to have this awardie that Ariel's mom made

A person who always helps others, always has a kind word, a person with a heart of gold. Ariel picked ME!!!!
I would like to give this award to everyone!
All of you have been such supportive and amazing friends
You do have hearts of GOLD
Love and purrrs
Most times
it is the detours
that take you
to the paths that bring you
to fulfillment of possibilities.

~mom quote

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mancat Monday ~ Caesar

Another Mancat Monday for Caesar my sweet brother.
Caesar was very brave and so trusting.
Mom is always cleaning and vacuuming around here
She never stops!

Caesar was not afraid of the vacuum cleaner.
He actually used to let mommie sometimes vacuum him!!!!
Many times, he would give the vacuum some muzzle rubbies! yes, that is true!

Pierro is getting used to the vacuum cleaner sound.
He has not met the machine face à face however, living in this house.... with mommie cleaning all the time... it won't be long. I think he will grow to love the vacuum just like Caesar!

I will be 17 years old in 10 days!
It was so very nice to see Blizzie this week-end.
She gave me a zillion kisses, she brushed me and sang to me.

I hope you have a delightful day today.

Oh... oh!!!
Look Pierro made it on the front cover of Criz's Magazine!

This is super great! Please go and see his bloggie!!!
Pierro is so proud!

Adopt the pace of nature:
her secret is patience.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson