Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Fri-diddle-day and snappy week-end

Mommie and Blizzie came back from the x-ray place and mommie was still pretty krabby and starving, so I was very nice and let her do some major snarfing. She felt the purrrs. Thank you thank you for the purrrs, they were rumbling over the blue ridge mountains and came crashing over to mommie.

She thinks the x-rays were probably okay, because she has this dumb disease but so far there are no symptoms that she is aware of, or any bad things growing in her, that she knows of....
She just is very very sick of dealing with this. She should count her lucky stars and stop being such a whining ninny.

OH! yesterday their trippy to the gramma and grampa was good. grampa showed mommie his diary that he wrote when he was a prisoner of war (taken up in a razzia in the Netherlands), in Germany. It was a cool diary. It was in Dutch but mommie could read it.

We hope all of you kitties have a terrifical week-end.

Friday flowers:

Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared.
~Edward Vernon Rickenbacker

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We have the Same Muzzle (or as mommie says it, "muvvel")

Hey Hey so sorry we did not blogg yesterday.
Mommie and Bliz were lazy... or something... oh! panicking too...
Yes, about tests, but also ... who knows. things they won't tell us, not to worry our poor little fuzzy heads they think.

First of all, THANK YOU so very much for the purrrrrs and good vibes and prayers for mommie. She feels empowered and brave. Now we just wish she would stop whining.

Today we are going to show you with which kitties we think we share the same muzzle.
I think I have the same muzzle as . . . . . . .
I do not know.. who do I look like??

This is Miral from Kattenpraat's catwalk.
wowie... look at those gorgeous bloo eyes :::sigh:::

She is Cornish, like me...... what do you think?

Caesar: Oh, I think this was completely easy. Who cares about the Cornish-Bornish-Schmornish

It is so wonnnnnderful to be handsome!
mirror image muzzlies Maomao and me!

Now Prinnie is laffing about my 'no whiskers'
Hey, I am special. Remember?

Random fact about me. I eat my dry crunchies like a bull dozer. I open up my tiger mouth really wide and pick up as many crunchies as I can... then, I move my head to the right and I dump some of them on the floor next to the bowl as I gobble up the rest. Sometimes I eat those on the floor or if Prinnie is near by, she eats those. Otherwise, I reach into the bowl for a fresh mega-chomp and repeat. Blizzie says I eat like a bulldozer

Thursday, we will not be blogging. Blizzie and mommie are going to gramma and grammpa in Annapolis Merruhlind.
On Friday... after mommie's tests in the morning we will visit around and maybe post a late blogg. We have some flowers to show you... but we can always put them up on Saturday.

Happy Wednesday. Have fun, be adventurous! Do the thing you are not sure you can do!

If you want to make your dreams come true,
the first thing you have to do is wake up.

~J.M. Power

Monday, August 13, 2007

meme Monday

Caesar: uh oh. we have a bazzilion meme's to do!!
Princess: Well, more like 5. So, let's get two out of the way today!

5 things that changed our lives

1. Being born. we are litter mates and we are happy to be here!
2. mommie finding us by an ad in the newspaper and bringing us home
3. having two wonderful sweet and smart bean sisters has made us smart too
4. living in a gigantic house where we can hide anywhere and not respond when called so the mom bean thinks we might be laying somewhere not breathing hahahahaha
5. subq flooids. They make us feel happy and peppy

Dragonheart chose us for this meme:
Ten things that we hate:
1. Caesar: I hate loud clinking silverware: when mom puts the clean eating tools away. OW that hurts my ears stoppit mommie. don't do that!
2. Prinnie: I hate being picked up and snuggled when I have not given permission to be picked up and snuggled. put me down!!!
3. Caesar: I hate having a hard poop stuck in my butt :::blushes::: it is completely embarrassing and mommie follows me from litter box to litter box to encourage me. Now I have to take gloppy medicine every day...
4. Prinnie: ...I hate being locked in our room at night because Caesar is a pest and will not let mommie and daddie sleep.
5. Caesar: yeah, I hate that... no. yes!
I mean, I hate the part about being in the room at night.
6. Prinnie: I also hate Caesar's loud and persistent crying and sobbing when we are locked in the room at night. Like that is really going to help....
7. Caesar: I hate that I cannot jump down 14 feet from the upstairs like I used to, and it is getting increasingly difficult to get up into some high places.
This is me when I was about 5 years old (1996), in our former house at Merruhlind.
I used to jump to the table and then to the top of the door.

8. Prinnie: Okay... well, I HATE that Blizzie is going back to kollig. I really hate that!!!!
9. Caesar: well, I hate being put in that bloo prison box and shoved into the scary driving machine and going to the vet. meoowww I hate that!
10. Prinnie: I hate that we do not get to eat Fancy Feast anymore. Now we have to eat Hills K/d. It is just okay, but .... boring and not very smelly, rather dry, has white things in it that does not look like tiger foods, and did I say boring?

Today is an easy day. Our Daddie left this morning early. He is driving on a long trip to Mushiegan, no, Mish-Mashiegan... to see his daddie (the old grammpa that snores reeeelly loud) in the YooPee (Marquette). He will be gone all week, so it will just be us and Blizzie and mommie. Yay. We hope daddie has a safe trip and does not get any speeding tickits.

Prinnie: about the stresssss this week... that will happen on Friday. Mommie has to get up really early and get some x-rays and a sonogram done for her doctor that takes care of her bloods that has the non-hodgkins lymphomas floating around in her bloods. This makes mommie all shaky and worried. Blizzie will go with her on Friday. She has to go really early and not have any breakfasts, or any koffee, not even a cookie, so she will be very sad and krabby and afraid and nervous.
Mommie, you need to stop thinking about this now!
Mommie hates diseases. She is a nurse and knows too much. Mommie stop knowing and thinking!!!

Caesar: ::::whimpers:::: Blizzie goes back to kollig in three weeks!
This is terrible terrible terrible. We need to lock Blizzie in her room!

We hope everycat has the very best day ever!
when you feel the urge to purr, send some over to our place. We could collect some purrs and give them to mommie in large doses every day.
mommie, stoppit, stop werrying

We might be blogging sporadically this week. We will try to visit our wonderful friends every day even if we do not blogggg on a particular day.

love purrrs and headbutts

Whatever you are
be a good one.

~Abraham Lincoln