Wednesday, August 13, 2008

White Cat Wednesday

Mom says she is exhausted. too much driving....
she is driving out to Annapolis to get Blizzie today.
Then, she will have a few days to breathe... next week is the big trip to William and Mary
so this is Blizzie's last week home.

look at my silly brother Pierro.
He likes following me around. Sometimes that is annoying!

I hope all of you kitties are doing well
Love and purrs always
Tough and funny and a little bit kind:
that is as near to perfection
as a human being can be.

~Mignon McLaughlin

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mancat Monday ~ Caesar + Canmat-in-Braining ~ Pierro

This is Caesar He was mommie's helper
He was really good at snoopervising and checking the empty boxes
look at him what a sweet face and every cat and bean misses him I wish he were here
Prinnie does not like to play much even if I first kiss her a lot

I like to inspect all of the stuff that mommy brings home from hunting
I know there are some things here that might belong to me

I hope you have a supergreat Monday and a very successful week mom is still running around all over the place she took daddy to the eye doctor after his surgery he is still healing he lays down a lot and I get to sit with him He might get his left eye operated on next week this is Blizzie's last week before she has to go away to the college place
she is at gramma and grampa this week and mom will pick her up after she brings daddy to his eye check up appointment
mom is really busy and she will try to let us visit this week a few times
I have to go now and help mom some more
~Set lofty goals~
*achieve them*