Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday: week over view

This was a sad and emotionally exhausting week.
One good thing is that we had a nice video-chat with gramma and grampa (mommie's mommie and daddie)
Can you see me in the small picture sitting next to my dad?
click to enlarge for viewing enhancement
I love video-chat.
Princess usually sits nearby on a chair....

Faith is being sure of what you hope for
and certain of what you do not see...

Thursday, April 19, 2007


We like Frootie Friday.
you can clik to biggify

We hope your Friday is super wondermous great and groovy

Once you reach out to Jesus,
and take His hand,
He will NEVER let go.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday :-)

The world is round
and the place which may seem like the end
may also be only the beginning.

Ivy Baker Priest

Monday, April 16, 2007

Just Tuesday @-->----

Caesar made no mention of it, but... THANK YOU so much for the Birthday wishes and for coming to our party. We absolutely enjoyed having each and every one of you.
It is such a wonderful feeling to have lovely kitty friends like all of you. We adore you.
Next year, we will have something special... like a birthday cruise or something.
Perhaps we can plan huge party for all of us double digit felines

What a nightmare, the news yesterday about that kollig in Virginia... Virginia Tech. My kollig girls to do not go to that kollig, but they have several, many many friends that do (we are only six hours away and it is an excellent state university) ... so far, we have heard that all of their friends are safe, but we are not so sure... It has been difficult learning new information.... and some of it has been shocking and terribly frightening. We have been purring and praying for those families that have been touched by this horrible tragedy
If you like, you can snag these buttons my William and Mary (in Williamsburg, Va) kolliggirl made.

Since on mommies bloggie, we shared a cutie picture of our tiny little college girl, Blizzie, playing the jazzypiano. Today I will share with you our big kollig girl, Chrystabelle. She is graduating in May with a degree in pcy - sphy - phycs - psychology, yeah. So now she can come home and figure out what is the problem with her parents hahahahahaha hmmmmm
We love her... and we hope that she discovers that we are all sane here.
Isn't she beeeyootiful?
Did I tell you that we love her? She is probably smarter than daddie now. Oh ...well, she was smarter that daddie in middle school. She told me that way back then...

That statue ^... is not really a statue!
click on it for your viewing enhancement and you will see

To love is most important...

There is only one happiness in life;
to love
and be loved

George Sand

ManCat Monday


Today mommie is going out places and maybe skating.
I am going to be a good big mancat today!

Don't be discouraged by a failure.
It can be a positive experience.
Failure is, in a sense, the highway to success,
inasmuch as every discovery of what is false
leads us to seek earnestly after what is true,
and every fresh experience points out some form of error
which we shall afterwards carefully avoid.

John Keats

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Today, meow meeeowww is our birthday

we are offfishally 16 years young!

thank you thank you for coming to our party and playing with us and enjoying our favorite foods... actually Prinnie and I love chicken the very best but we did not have it at the party because ... we snarf it allllll the time!

WE are loving our new bloggie but it is taking forever for mommie to get all of the stuff on this bloggie. Mommmmmmie hurrrrrrry get those names on the bloggie rollie. Our mommie is not very blogger savvy. This place still has her befuddled (and she befuddles easily btw)

We hope you are having a super great Sunday. here it is pouring rain and very dreary... so we have the heat cranked up and the jazzy music is keeping us perky!!

Mommie is getting all of the names from her bloggierollie but if you are not on hers then let me know and I will notify her. She is taking the list off of her bloggie... ever soooo slowly....
oh gosh!!! mommie is such a doof. She added a bazillion names to the blog roll and instead of saving the changes she just closed the window aaaaahhhhhhhhh

Does anyone know how we could put our olde blog entries on to our new blog? is it a cut and paste thingy? can you put the olde dates on?
we will see. Blogger is very time consuming... or maybe it is the befuddled mommie thing again.

"Its good to have an end to journey towards;
but it's the journey that matters in the end."

HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY to US!!! yahooooeeee

Welcome kitties
to our NEW bloggie and our 16th Birthday party

lookie! primo nip!

We have loads of fun planned for this week-end
Here are a lot of our favorite toys and games

even our very best jazz ensemble (friends of Blizzie) singing and playing our favorite dancing tunes!!

We can party all day and into the evening...
there are even places you can chill and nap!!

Look at this great yummy foooood!!! and even a waterfountain

When you
have had enough... (we hope it is not too soon) help yourselves to a kittylootbag over in the corner. It has the Tempations variety pack and TOYS for you to take home enjoy!!

THIS is the place for napping, pooping and... maybe even... barfing

Inside every older kitty
is a younger kitty -
wondering what the heck happened.