Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy 3rd day of Christmas

Christmas was very nice here.
We had a lot of fun with the papers.

Prinnie found our pressies two weeks ago so we did not have pressies in our stockings, except some chicken Temptations from Santa and two jars of Gerber baby foods that we get to nibble on when we get our flooids.

We hope all of you had a nice Christmas.

Today, our beans are going to a wedding of Chrystabelle's best friend.
They will be gone all day.

OH wowie. Big news! Our biggest girl bean (Chystabelle) and her boyfriend Jason are officially engaged.
This is a picture of them from Christmas day in the evening.
They are holding a pretty thing that gramma made for them.
If you click to biggify you can see the ring on Chrystabelle's left paw.

Mom says she feels very olde now.

We hope you have a very happy day.
You are loved by us.
purrrpurrrr and headbutts

Pay attention to your dreams -
God's angels often speak
directly to our hearts

when we are asleep.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Chrisssmiss Eve

It is finally here. Chrisssmiss Eve

We just want to let everycat know

that we love all of you and hope you have a wonderful peaceful Chrisssmiss Eve.

Try really hard not to stay up too late.
and remember to be a good kitty!
If you hear Sandy Claws come into your house ....


love and purrrrs Caesar and Princess

~ Jesus came to save us.
He can't do that until we stop trying
to save ourselves.