Friday, November 21, 2008

Frootbats on Friday

When Prinnie and I are napping in the sun she is nice to me

I am trying really hard to be a good boy but when she is walking around on her old lady creaky legs that makes me excited that maybe she wants to play

she tells me "stoppit Pierro I just had to get up for a minute"

Please have a happy week-end

"A lie travels halfway around the world
while the truth
is still putting on its shoes."

- Mark Twain

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whitecat and white stuff Wednesday

Just a reminder to any and ALL interested parties,
I am still in charge here!!!!!

This is my new nest in the familyroom.
This is the old comforter that mom took on the trippie to Tennessee (the wedding) gramma and grampa had a very special old table (a treasure from Cairo Egypt!) to give to the bride and groom for a gift, so mom wrapped the table in this blankie so it would be cushioned safely in the rental machine inwhich mom did all of the driving -- the 1400 miles.
btw it took her three days to recover from that, MOL!

these are moms white skates. She just had them sharpened.

more white stuffs? we had some coming from the sky yesterday.
snowwwwwww is so pretty. I meowed at it.

Here is a photo of Blizzie at kollig. She just got her floo shot
Hi Blizzie *waves*

stay warm and happy kitties!
love and purr

“I want to be remembered as
someone who made trouble

where trouble was needed.”

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mancat Monday ~ Pierro - Remembering Caesar too


I am a scaredy cat when the door bell rings I hide
I am afraid of strangers

when mom calls me I do not always come to her either
she thinks that is annoying
I like to help though
sorry mom

Caesar was a good boy and always comed when mom called

he was not afraid of strangers
"I own that I am not a friend
to a very energetic government.
It is always oppressive."

Thomas Jefferson