Saturday, April 5, 2008

Awardies and Poop

I am very pleased and delighted that I received two awardies from

this first one is the make a wish awardie.
I would like to photoshop this awardie but mine is not working
*complete drats* Perhaps I can borrow Christabelle's computer.
I think she has photoshop.
Nevertheless. I would like my wish is to be

All kitties and beans try to live healthy lives.

Stay away from bad habits
(smoking, eating junky foods, setting poor examples for kidbeans)
and develop good habits
(exercising and being nice, eating vegetables etc...)

This second awardie I actually received first.
Mickey is a sweet friend. Wowie! *giggles*
It is presented to kitties who do a great job protecting their homes and beans from lizards, rodents, any and all invaders. Mickey said "We are going to pass on this award to our friends Miss Peach and Princess because if anycat deserves their own castle, they certainly do!"
I am just so very honored to have this awardie.
I really could not have done such heroics without all of you, my kittie friends.
and I am talking about invaders of the emotional kind. Losing Caesar invaded our hearts with great sadness. Mom thinks I am a heroic kitty too.
Also, I am not crabby about the invasion of Pierropoopyboy.

In other news.

#1. Pierro is doing well.
#2. The vetlady called this Saturday morning to inform momm that Pierro's poop check came back positive for giardia which is comes often in kittens. Oh joy!: She suggested that BOTH of us take this horrible tasting antibiotic for 8 grueling days (even though I have not been messing around with his litter boxie or touching his toys, mom has been switching our blankies) Mom has been using the same litter scoopie for both of our boxes... so, whateverrrrr. The good thing is I get a few licks of kitten foods every time I get that ghastly liquid medicine.

I will keep you posted.
So far, so good.
Be well, happy Week-end

Love and purrs @-->----
Don't smother each other.
No one can grow in the shade.

~Leo Buscaglia

Friday, April 4, 2008


Mom left early this morning with Pierro. He was in the prisonbox. He looked very hungry and worried.
Mommie was singing to him, something about going on a fun adventure.
Poor little thing.
jeepers, his ears look like satellite dishes.
They make my ears look minuscule! Well, he doesn't have red veins, so there!
maybe we should have Frootbat Friday and Satellite Dish Saturday....

I am going to have to do something about those whiskers... you know I chewed off all of Caesar's when we were little and his never grew back... much.
It's a fun project.

Mom is going to let me check Pierro's (Blizzie's) room today, just have a sniff around.
I hope all of you have a wonderful Friday and a happy sunny week-end.
Here: rain, lots of rain.
this might be a good week-end to help mom bake cookies.
purrrs and love from moi

Ps: I will add an edit to this later today when Pierro returns home post surgery.... poor thing
3:00 PM ::EDIT:: Pierro is out of surgery and he gets to come home at 6:00.
The vetlady said everyone thinks he is sooo cute. He got a lot of attention.
Everyone thinks he is a lot like Caesar - sweet and friendly
9:00 PM uppiedatie:
Pierro is home and he is feeling great, racing around Blizzie's room playing with his toys.
Mom might give him a tiny bit to eat at 10:PM He kept licking his spot 13 so mommie has to put some bitter apple on a q-tip and sort of put it around the incision, but not ON the incision.
It worked!

Let us be grateful to the mirror
for revealing to us
our appearance only.

~Samuel Butler

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Look at what Zoolatry made for Pierro

Isn't this pretty?
Thank you Zoolatry for making this to welcome my new little brother.

In other news...
this house smells like poop

headbonkies + purrs~ Princess

A laugh is just like Sunshine!
It freshens all the day :-)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

White Cat and WACKY Pierro Wednesday

I love my naturally curly furs

Mom has been spending a lot of time with us.
She and dad think it is very important that Pierro and I
get plenty of attention.
we have had very little time to visit bloggies.
So sorry about that.

Pierro will be living in Blizzie's room for at least two weeks.
Maybe next week she will get him in the prison box and put him out in the hall for me to look at him for a minute or two. Also one day I get to sniff around Pierro's room when he is not there.
It is not as if I do not know he is in Blizzie's room. He has a pitifully sweet little meow and he is quite stinky!
I think he eats, poops and plays all day.
Here are some silly pictures. Mommie takes about 80 pictures and throws away 4/5's of them because they are blurry or Pierro is suddenly absent from the picture!!
Mom says he is the sweetest most lovey boy ever
Just like caesar
What a clown!
Look at that stick tail!!!

fighting the blankie monsters
Pierro's ears and nose get very pink when he gets wild.
It is really cute.

wrestling with that naughty purple raccoon
(Caesar's favorite toy too)

silly Pierro

Pierro is going to the vet this Friday morning for his hooha surgery.
He is already 6 months old.
he is also going to get a microchippie.
How many of you have a microchippie??
We are hoping that Blizzie can come home this week-end, just for a shortie visit and a snuggle.
I will try to uppiedate on frootbat friday.

When you ask God
"I will do all of this... but not this"

that is exactly
He is going to send you