Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Caterday ~ Great News

The vetlady called today and said that Pierro and I are giardia free!

This is great news because now Pierro and I can spend a lot of quality time together.
Here he is in my room, being a good boy

You see, when mommie was thinking about getting kittens she called the vetlady
and our vetlady told mom to keep us separate until Pierro had his check uppie. She thought that kittens might have some germies that I am not used to. So, this was a super great idea!

Now Pierro and I are spending the day time together. He can be a pest, but I tell him when I have had enough.

He has a zillion new toys to keep him busy, and this house is big, so he has a lot of room to explore.
He is quickly turning into mommie's little helper
He is already snoopervising the loading of the dishwasher

I hope you are having the very best Saturday ever!

To succeed,
we must first believe that we can.

M. Korda

Friday, April 18, 2008

Frootbat Friday

First of all
THANK YOU so very very much for the birthday wishes!
I am so absolutely honored and pleased that you came by to wish me a happy Birthday...
You took the time to visit an olde lady!!

Mom baked a cake!

I had a wonderful birthday, I ate some cake with icing.
It was so yummy! I did enjoy my sunny day.

I napped most of the day in my favorite black moon chair (it is really Blizzie's) in the sun. you know the one in the blog below where Pierro is wishing me a happy birthday there...

Pierro was a good boy but he is a kitten pest sometimes.
Yesterday I was just walking calmly in the kitchen making my way toward the stairs and he came over and started jumping around, of course wanting ME to play!! He pranced over and popped me in the head with his front paw! Well, I was just trying to get up the stairs and that made me a bit mad, so I hissed at him. Also sometimes he won't let me get by to get where I need to go... He is having fun teasing me. Sometimes I tolerate it and other times I just get steamed and have to hiss. Last night he kept playing with my tail as I was trying to drink and I growled at him! Overall, I think he is just a big silly kitten. I am not sure I want to snuggle iwth him yet......

Pierro has an attention span of about 3 seconds so all is forgotten and he is off and running somewhere. I do not think he remembers any instructions I ever say to him.

During the day, mom puts his igloo bed out in the upstairs hallway so he can nap if he wants to.
He runs free in the house as long as one of the beans are home. If they go out then they put Pierro on Blizzie's room which is kitten proofed now.

Here are some Big daffodils from mom's garden

I hope you have a delightful week-end
Blizzie is coming home, but she will be busy.
She is transferring next fall to The College of William and Mary (where Christabelle graduated)
So she is going to a special transfer students wingding with daddy all day Saturday.
You are loved by me.

Men are cruel,
but Man is kind.

~Rabindranath Tagore


God has given you one face,
and you make yourself another.

~William Shakespeare

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today is my Birthday !!

I am 17 years old today!
I hope you can stop by for a cup of tea and cookies.

this is my favorite catnip tea in my delft bloo tea set. Enjoy!

and these are home made catnip and Temptations chip cookies!!!

from Pierro
"Happy Birthday Sisser"

Here is a wonderful card that Criz made for me!!

When you are ready to go home.

Take one or two of these cute nip toys with you!

nip dumpling round and fun...

nip wonton yummy

nip shumai: delectable!

nip fortune cookie

egg roll nip

Yay I love Chinese food

Today I am also really missing my brother, Caesar
Kisses to you at the Bridge, Caesar and love always from me.

Thank you all of you for being my friends
I love all of you

Oh gosh! Today is Dr. Tweety's birthday too!!!

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,

For everything Thy goodness sends.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mancat Monday ~ Caesar

Caesar liked to stand up and receive treats from daddy.
He liked to do this all the way into his senior years and had just stopped doing it about one year ago.

Some day soon we will start training Pierro to do the same. Right now, he can not concentrate on one thing longer than about three seconds haha

Our hearts are heavy today. We are still so sad about Miral
I am purring for her family. What a great loss

just a quick update on Pierro and me. Things are going well.
He is a wild silly monkey. He is happy - I am too... pretty much.
Last night he pounced on me while I was walking into mom and dad's and I hissed at him (first hiss ever) because I needed to tell him he was being a bit pesty. He sniffs me a lot and then most of the time he scampers off.
I always meow to him. I think he likes me.
I feel pretty safe napping near him in my comfy bed. Mom is always around or nearby to monitor him. He likes to play thundering herd of elephants
This week-end we have had several meals together in my space in mom and dad's room.
His food smells much better than mine. It is fine to eat together.
Mom is still keeping our meetings limited (an hour or so) and is protecting me, just in case,
So far we have not had any big problems.

Tomorrow is my birthday.
I will try to make a postie
Criz made me a really nice graphic I will put on my blog tomorrow.
I would really just like everyone to come over for a cup of catnip tea and some cookies.
This will be a bittersweet birthday. We are missing our Caesar so much.
I hate celebrating my birthday alone without him.
Pierro is Caesar back as a kitten. a silly sweet clown.
purrrs to all of my dear friends.

"Even a clock that doesn't work
is right twice a day."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I know

Caesar was there to take Miral by the paw

and lead her to paradise.
I am so sad. I am so sorry.
I will continue to purr for my friends in Holland.
We know their pain.