Friday, May 28, 2010

Frootbat Friday

yep there are two frootbats in this house now
I like Miles! I have not met him formally... but when mom opens his door to go inside, he tries to run out of there like his room is on fire!

I like to watch him under the door and listen to him.
We eat our foods together on either side of the door sometimes.
****Mom is going to take a big bag of my poops in to the vet and let them play with my poops, just to see if I have any giardia in them, if that comes back perfect, then the next step is trading blankies. Then -- perhaps Miles can come downstairs in the prison box.

Get me out of here!!!!

Happy Friday and Happy Week-end bronkbronks

****Poop update :-(
This is Rosemary speaking: yes, it is that disappointing that I have to barge in on Pierro's bloggie to explain such news.
Pierro still has a little bit of giardia (they found only two cysts! this is far less cysts than past examinations). I feel so absolutely terrible for him. He is the most adorable and sweet kitty ever EVER. So, my vet, at my urging, called CurlieSwirlie Teri's vet/employer, Dr. Janice Ellison and got some good information, and they decided together on a plan. As you might know, Dr. Ellison is very familiar with Miles. Miles has been thoroughly examined by this vet since birth and also treated Miles when he and his brothers, Bosco Zeuss and Carlos got that tummy bug last week which delayed the homecoming of three kittens...
here is the latest: Wedgewood Pharmacy is making medicine for Pierro. A new medicine. It is called Ponazuril. He will have to take it for three days, while he is taking this, I will do exactly what I have done over the past few months (my house is taking on a faded look in every nook and crevice, perhaps I should weather and distress my furnishings as well, haha) scrub and scrub and scrub everything everyday over and over.

This makes me sad. We love Pierro. He came from a very bad breeder. There, I said it. I never thought it, I never wanted to believe it because I believe everyone is good and honest.
I was wrong. Still, I never ever regret falling in love with Pierro, finding him (Caesar found him for me) and bringing him into our home. Pierro is a gentle and sweet kitty. When we brought him home to Princess two years ago, he was just such a gentle and mild natured boy. He has never changed even going thorough all of these struggles. He is so lovable!

I am sorry we have not visited blogs. We will try to come and see your lovely blogs I love them, all of you, every one of your blogs. I am so busy. Blizzie is getting better she is in a cast now and using crutches, we have been blessed with purrs and prayers for her surgery and recovery and we are thankful to all of you. taking care of her was a lot of work and I am an olde nurse from dino-days. Funny thing we have been using hubby's deluxe office chair (he works at home) for a wheel chair to whizz her over to the bathroom and also three times I washed her hair at the kitchen sink with her in that office chair, tilted back sitting on two more pillows, trash bags everywhere to catch the splashes... hilarious
I could type up a novel here... but I will let you know that we are going to beat this mean bug and get it out of Pierro and it is going to take time. Sadly, Miles will be confined and I will probably have to bathe him (this actually sounds fun, and I am beginning to think he needs a bath anyway) and Pierro three days straight.
If my hands do not crumble and fall off I will come and visit with Pierro. He misses all of you because every one of you are just the greatest friends and the nicest playmates ever!
Friendship is unnecessary,
like philosophy, like art....
It has no survival value;
rather it is one of those things
that give value to survival.

~C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Miles and Me Wednesday

Wednesday greetings kitties
the statement of progress here is that I am quite well aware that there is a loud kitten in my old room.
I am not sure what I think about this kitten.

I hissed at him two times when he was near the door.

Mom says we are going to go slow, because she thinks I am a scaredy kitty
I-I-I just think it is good to be mindful of which kitty was here first.
Stuff like that...
What's the hurry, right?

Miles: Hi kitties.
I like my toys and I like my room a lot.

daddy comes and plays with me the most and I like to lick his head
Mom is the boss - I am pretty sure about that.
Dad told mom I was chewing on his socks! Mom says I might be a socks maniac but there is therapy for that... hmmmm socksaholics?

I like camera straps

I am taking notes and hope to start my thesis next week
I get to come downstairs one time a day and play with Blizzie
Oh and, the food is great here too!
Pierro taught me a word: bronkbronk. Yeah I think that is it
I am practicing that every day now

okay, greatttt Miles.
funny quote:

"Be yourself"
is about the worst advice
you can give some people.

~Tom Masson

Monday, May 24, 2010

Miles Monday

I know all of you are excited about my new brother.
Mom will not let us play together yet... in fact I have not even seen him, but I know he lives in my old kitten room.

Yesterday morning, in the pouring rain, Missie CurlieSwirlieTeri came over to my house with my little kitten brother and his two brothers: Zeus and Carlos. Mom put me in my own room while she was here. I heard a lot of noises down stairs some of it was kind of scary.

Much later, after the front door closed and the house got quiet again, mom let me out of my room. I could not find anything but these papers and toys.

I think three kittens were down stairs playing with my toys. I hope they liked them.

Mom is thrilled to have a CurlieSwirlie kitten. She says Missie Teri is so smart and really nice and wonderful. Not only did we get a new baby from her, we also have a very good friendship!
So, for the next few days I have to go slowly so Miles does not freak out when he sees me.
He has to live in this room most of the time,

but mom and dad will visit him. Lizzie can't because she is stuck downstairs with her hurtie foot, but mom will take Miles out of his room a few times during the day when I feel like napping in my own room.


hi kitties. I am over here on the bed. See me?
Wowie. purrrrrr purrrrpurrrpurrrpurrrrpurrrrpurrrpurrrrr

New house, new room new toys purrrrpurrrrpurrr new blankies new smells new everything purrrrpurrrrpurrr

Nothing is the same except my toys from home.
This is pretty interesting.

I need to study all of this very very purrrrpurrrrpurrr carefully
Then I think I will have to write up a detailed report with charts and graphs.
This bed is really cozy.

Pierro: We will post more pictures later this week.
Happy Snappy kitten brother Monday!

grrrr can't get this doooor open!

Two quotes today, one from me, and one from Miles

The man who has done his best
has done everything.

~Charles M. Schwab

There are many wonderful things
that will never be done
if you do not do them.

~Charles D. Gill

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Purrrthday

Happy Snappy Purrrrthday to
a wonderful amazing CatBlogosphere bean

Have the very best Purrrthday ML!

Pierro Rosemary and Miles

Youth is a wonderful thing.
What a crime to waste it on children!

~George Bernard Shaw