Friday, June 22, 2007

Feisty Frootbat Friday!

No No NO, and furthermore, nothing-doing-no-no! besides...
the vetlady called yesterday afternoonie and said
mommie did not have to make me get the flooids. yet.

If you click to biggify, you will see my two whiskers!

We do not have to go back to the vetlady for a whole two months.
Caesar is showing off, being so brave taking those scary flooids. He looks like a jello-boy.
Chrystabelle is having a problem remembering to shut the toilets because they did not have lids at college. Mommie caught me drinking from the downstairs toilet. She said, no wonder I had a tummy bug... She also scolded Chrystabelle (hee hee)
I can't help it, I have to drink and drink and drink!!!

This is all I am going to say today!
Have a super grooovy week-end

are merely things
which we have not yet learned.

-- Charles W. Chesnutt

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Daddie is coming home today... that's good. I have been the bigmancat in the house all week. Daddie went to Norfolk for a conference thing. I love when he comes home from his travel trips and I get to sniff all of his stuff... the papers and shooz, and dirty clothes.
yay, I love my daddie.
Here I am laying on the carpet outside his office:

Have a happy Thursday
We are doing okay... still taking those stoopid pills for our teeth (pre and post dental since we have heart murmurs). Prinnie has not had any subq flooids because she just is not going to do that. The vetlady said when it gets really important then they will do it at the vet torture place. Silly bad Prinnie. mommie might try today. keep your paws crossed!

There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

-- Albert Einstein

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wacky Wednesday


We survived the torturing yesterday and we are so glad to be back home.
we got our teeths cleened by the peeple in the bloo suits. The vetlady gave me a pill to kill my tummy germs and uh... they gave us more bags of water and those green sticks. I do not want to have that. no no. The vetlady gave me a pill that makes me want to poop a lot.
When mommie came and got us, Caesar had to pee really bad, so mommie got us home just in time. then I remembered I had to poop! Wow, what a day. Then we napped forever!

we hope you have a great and wondermous Wednesday!!

one hundred years from now
all new people

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Toes, Teeth and Torture Tuesday


Today we are going to the vetlady to get our teeths cleened. We have to be there by 8:00 am so if you are reading this now, we are probably already there being scared stiff and brutally tortured.
We hope we get to come home fast after that.
Prinnie is going to get a check up too.

Thank you so much for the very helpful ideas about giving Prinnie flooids. She is sooo bad!
Mommie has that bloo piller thing that shoots the pills. I like it. Prinnie works really hard to get the pill back up. She is very very wiggly.
She is sooo soooo bad!


Be brave
Choose courage

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mancat Monday


I know... I am such a mancat
We hope you had a nice week-end. Here it was rather chilly.
Mommie says it was boiling hot outside, but not in our house. Prinnie and I spent most of the time in our favorite sunny spots.

Well, here is the latest on our medical situation:
I love getting subq flooids. When mommie comes to me with that bag, I lie down near her and she jabs me with that pricky thing and then I purr a lot and she tells me what a wonderful boy I am. Then, she gives me some tigermeatglop with the epakiten supplement. I do not mind the whole thing, and actually, it makes me feel pretty good.
Prinnie is very very crabby. mommie made two attempts to give Prin flooids but Prinnie got very grumpy with mommie and screamed at her! The vetlady told mommie to just try with Prinnie and if it was a struggle to not push it. so.... Prinnie has not had any subq flooids!!!

Also this Saterday, mommie gave us these tiny round white things. She just threw one in my mouth and I was so surprised, I just swallowed it.
Prinnie... she was bad again with these white round things... she spit hers out onto the floor and mommie had to pick it up and put it in her mouth again and Prinnie spit it out again!
s0... mommie mushed the white thing up and added a bit of water and gave it to Prin in a little dropper thing. Prinnie got really mad but she swallowed the white stuff. I bet it tasted bad. She should have just swallowed it whole like I did.

mommie took our blankie away yesterday and put it in the noisy shaking water machine and then in the hot machine, because.... Saterday night we got another white thing and then later Prinnie barfed on the carpet and on our bloo blankie!! because her tummy was sick. So yesterday mommie gave us each a only half of a white thing.

I think we are going to get our teeths cleened on Tuesday. They will not make us go to sleep because we have heart murmur... and we are 16. I also heard mommie tell Blizzie that Prinnie is getting a shot in her butt because she might have tummy germs.

Anyway. We had a nice week-end and mommie made daddie a chocolate cake, and oatmeal cookies with cranberries and white chocolate chips. It smelled really good in the house.

Happy Monday
We will try to visit around.
Mommie says she feels like she works as a nurse in a kitty hospital, but she loves it.
Thank you for all the purrrayers and well wishes. We really love you kitties. You are such wonderful friends. Just knowing that you are here supporting us and thinking about us, makes us strong! Prinnie and I want to live to be 30 years old!

Are you valuing other's opinions
more than God's opinion of you?
We do not need to live to please men or the world.
We need to live to please God.