Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Christmas and headbonks

Greetings lovely kitties and people!
Thank you so much for being our friends and being so kind to us.
Your caring thoughts and prayers and gentle purrrs are very comforting.
I printed out those tributes from your blogs. Those will be cherished and saved forever!
Princess will be greatly missed around here.

Look at this adorable fuzzy photo of Lizzie with Princess waaaaay back in 1991 when they were both kittens! Lizzie is 22 now!
Last Friday Lizzie found a lot of wonderful old pictures that I would love to show you now and then.
I have to laugh. I do not know how I did it with two little active girls and two wild very athletic and mischievous kittens way back in the 90's

I am certain that when Caesar went to the bridge in January 2008, he felt completely sad and sorry for me. Caesar was my little helperboy. I was so crushed, so shocked, so heart broken I did not think I could ever have another kitty in my life.
The idea of another kitty was just impossible.
Caesar was irreplaceable!
One day in March 2008 I was reading the Washington ComPost newspaper and picked up one of the sections with the comics and the classified section just fell out onto the floor and there, right there was an ad for Cornish Rex kittens. There was a website listed and I went to just look at the kittens and fell completely and instantly in love with Pierro. Now this is crazy, I had to go see that kitty. Well, you know the rest of the story and I am quite certain that Caesar had his paw in that almost two years ago . . .

Well, now Remember Stormie?
Well, Stormie's mom, L, really had some wise thoughts about Caesar and Princess.
She thinks that Caesar has probably been calling Princess for some time. Princess was getting a little wobbly and she was getting picky about her food, feeling awfully tired, even coming up with some silly ideas.
A few times she was having a wonderful day and decided to start climbing on furniture, walking across the back of the couch, wobbling happily and confidently, stepping onto narrow edges. Going up and down the stairs was worrying me too. She was careful, but I worried greatly if she lost her balance in any of these situations, well, there could be disastrous trouble if she fell...

Caesar: Prinnnnie, curlysister, you are really taking a lot of risks there. You are not a kitten anymore. Why do you keep going up and down the stairs like that? You are going to hurt yourself. Stop walking on the furniture, you are going to break a hip, girl!

Caesar: Prinnie sweet littermate, when are you coming? I miss you.
I miss cuddling with you

Caesar: you are eating baby food now? BABY food?

Caesar: Princess you are looking so thin, so frail, so tired.
Please come to me. Please come please come please come please come ...

Stormie's mom was right.
Caesar's pleading became louder and louder, and more and more persistent.
I think he finally convinced her that it was safe to come to Rainbow bridge.
I think Caesar is pleased that Pierro is settled in and protecting our hearts.

I really had the feeling that Princess was not having so much fun anymore. She has relied on me so much in the past few months. I worried when I left the house.

Those last days. *sigh* She got sooooo much love, so much care and attention. She knew it was okay. I told her I loved her a thousand times.
I called the vet twice, thinking perhaps Prinnie would need help, but her last day, Wednesday, Princess was very calm, very comfortable. It was a beautiful sunny day and she laid on her side. She was soo beautiful. Her breathing became more and more shallow during the day, but there was no distress. I kept her warm and comfortable. she was not interested in any food but I did give her drops of water.
She passed so quietly and peacefully at 3:30AM on Thursday morning.

I thought I would share that with you.
Princess has always been our beautiful flower. I have so many memories of these two kitties. They grew up with my girls.

We are doing well here. Grieving takes time however I feel very fortunate to have been able to participate in Prinnie's last days, her last hours.
Lizzie did not make it home, but while my husband went to William and Mary College to move her out on Thursday, I was able to give Princess a lovely sponge bath (even blowdried her curly furs) and rested her in the most beautiful basket with all of her favorite blankies.
Then we got a snow storm, Two feet of snow. It was lovely.
We kept Prinnie in the very very cold garage. I made a beautiful table covered all in pink and prettiness, a big pink bow, and flowers too. I placed her basket out there so Lizzie could visit her any time and give her thousands more kisses.
On Monday, we took Princess's body to Sunset in Alexandria. They were very nice to us. We picked up her ashes on Tuesday. I am seriously thinking of putting her ashes in with Caesar's.
I sense they need/want to be together.
I wish all of you a happy peaceful Christmas.
God has been so good to us.

Are you ready for Christmas?

I know I am going to get a lot of wonderful things for Christmas - like LOTS of toys!

I have a lot of stuff to tell you. I hope I can blog a lot.
Happy Christmas!
I wish you peace and headbonkbonkbonkies

For death,
Now I know, is that first breath
Which our souls draw when we enter
Life, which is of all life center.

~Edwin Arnold