Friday, February 25, 2011

Frootbat Friday awardie from Admiral Hestorbiepuff


Today we are going to tell you something that we are very proud of.
Missie Admiral Hestorbie gave us a very snazzy awardie and we are so proud
and honored --> Miles has been running around in circles all morning.

Here it is:

Thank you so much Missie Hestorbie Admiralpuff

Now the instructions are to list 7 things about us

Miles :::barges in all orange and everything:::
I will go first
1. I am always hungry and I eat like a freight train
2. I am loud. I like to meow all the time
3. I am addicted to the red dot. Dad knows where it is and he takes it out every night at 8:00 sharp
4. I like stealing socks - well girl socks

5. I like to play and chase with Pierro

6. this is my office

7. I like reading the news ticker on the bottom of the tv screen

Pierro :::gently tips Miles over:::

Miles: Oh I almost forgot. I weigh 8 pownds. I almost forgot to tell you that... I weigh 8 bulky pownds. I am HUGE

Pierro: --
Here are my 7 things
1. Mom thinks I am a terrible eater. Sometimes she follows me around with my own food bowl making me eat. Yes, I am picky.

2. I am quiet and only meow when necessary. I purr all day though
3. I love mommy
4. the whole house is my office!

5. I weigh 6 and a half pounds.
6. I can fly
7. Miles may be bigger than me, nevertheless,
I am the boss, but I am a really nice boss

Now we are supposed to give this awardie to 15 kitties. Oh my... 15!!!
We do not know who has received this awardie so we are going to
just reach out in the dark and pick some of our favorite blogs:
If you have already received this awardie. We congratulate you!
1. Hannah and Lucy
2. the furry kids in the mitten state
3. Missie Silly Lupie
4. Sparkle
5. Missie Poppie Q
6. Misters Sammie and Andy
7. Jacqueline' Kittycatty house
8. Missie Millie in New Hampster
9. Mr. Monty
10. Missie Abby and Ping,Boo and Gracie
11. Missie Stella
12. Missie Gracie
13 Missie ML and KC and the sherwood bunch!
14. Misters Adan-dan and Lego
and last however certainly not least:
15. Mr. Puddy
If you have been picked already, You have been picked again!!

We hope you have a bonkful and happy snappy Friday and a super pooperdooper Week-end.

We have read that many of the bloggie beans are having, or had surgery and some have been sick. We have been purring, bonkbonking and bronking for all of them.
Now is the time for us to tell you... mom is getting decrepit. She has a stiff left shoulder and went for the xray and her very first physical therapy this week with a nice peppy guy that squishes her shoulder and then he pulls on it, then he makes mom do some exercises that she says are very hard.
She has only had one physical therapy session and she says she is really sore!
We hope that she will get less creaky and not so crumbly floppy and frail.
Bonks and bronks to all of our pals!!
here is a timely and funny quote:
"Government is like a baby:
An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end
and no sense of responsibility at the other."


Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Mancats

bonkbonk Monday kitties!
yep, look at me, :::sigh:::
wearing my sweatcollar on Saturday.
I look like a weirdo, don't I...

Pierro and I had a great week-end being mancats

Pierro: mom made me wear my sweatcollar because I had
a bit of eczema on my mancat chest
I was a sort of ashamed about it, so I hid in my office for a while.

Miles: Well, I wanted to look sweaty like Pierro
so mom let me wear a sweatcollar too even though
I do not have any itchies.

Then when my itchy went away, Miles and I wrestled in the sun

Miles: We hope your Monday is bronkie fun!
I love being a mancat!

There is nothing
deep down inside us
what we have put there

Richard Rorty