Friday, July 20, 2007

Froot'n Batt'n Friday


Guess what I like?
subQ Floooids.
I call mommie when I am ready to get my subq's.

I love showing off in front of Prinnie too.
and I get a little bit of babyfoods, oh yummm

Prinnie got the day off yesterday, just because.
Today.... she gets flooids


Today is a bizzy day. The big bean Chrystabellegirl is Moo-Ving to her own place. She is leaving the nest and and and, mommie is not crying. yet. Then again... The Chrystabelle is moo-ving only 4 miles away to a cute little apartment with her own cooking room and litterbox room and her own parking space and her own everything!

I will get mommie to take some pictures of that... this is a milestone, when the firstie born flies away... farrrrr faaaarr away...... :::flap flap flap::::

Maybe she will moooove back home next week.

Have a super grate week-end everycat!
You are loved.

Happiness is a grateful spirit,
an optimistic attitude,
and a heart full of love.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

I am drinking a lot!!
Yesterday mommie and Blizzie attacked me and gave me flooids, but I got to have some baby food too. So, I guess it wasn't so bad. However I did get really mad because they made me sit still. I screamed really loud to show them that they were torturing me almost like pulling my arms and legs off!!

Here is sweet little me on Blizzie's bathroom sink.
She lets me sit on a fluffy towel while she gets ready in the morning, and at night.
I know, it looks like I have lotion pumps coming out of my head... but they are not!
They are behind me, sillies.
What if I had water pumps on top of my head.... hmmmmm... the possibilities

I am feeling much better today. No, not because of the flooids, just because! harrumpfff!

I am so embarrassed that Caesar told all of you about my drippy poops.
Is nothing sacred?
and then they wonder why I am so krabbbby....

Thank you sweet kitty friends for thinking about me, and encouraging me and loving me even though I am a krabby girl.
Love, Miss Grumpy Gills... .
yes, I will keep drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking.

"Never give in,
never, never, never
- in nothing,
great or small,
large or petty
- never give in
except to the convictions of
honor and good sense."

~Winston Churchill

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wordful Wednesday

The vetlady says Prinnie has to get subq fluids... some how. She just needs to bite the bullet (not the vetlady, Prinnie!) and do it. I can tell you... the subq's are making me feel like a 12 year old!
Prin got germ killer pills for her tummy yesterday. She had this ewie clear bloody kind of poop coming out of her butt and mommie took a sample of it to the vetlady. The vetlady said Prinnie's kidneys are working so hard they can make her tummy sick and irritated. The nice multipierced vethelpergirl gave Prinnie a whole lot of subq at the office, so Prinnie's little arms looked very poofy when she got home. heehee.

So anyway... sometime mommie is going to try to get some flooids into Prinnie. The vetlady said if Prinnie is too krabby about it, that they would do it in the office.

Okay so I am all done talking now.
have a fun day. It is drabb and dreary here, maybe we are going to get some water drops from the sky. I will lay under daddie's desk lampie and help him with his werk.

Have a terrifical Wednesday

It is better to look ahead and prepare
than to look back and regret.

~Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Guess what today is?
Dragonheart's First Birthday
Hoooo ray!

to our dear friend

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Toesday and Prinnie has the poops

Here is me and my toes, and my sweet goodboy face.

Guess what?
Prinnie has to go to the vetlady today. She has had a sick tummy and some drippy poops, so mommie said she has to go to the vetlady because she is 16, and drippy poops are not good when you are 16.
Poooooor Prinnie.

I am so glad I do not have to go to the vetlady... sheeesh
I hope Prinnie is brave and does not scream herself hoarse or get jabbed or poked.
I hope she does not suffer... my poor kitttttie sister
I am really glad it is not me....

have a very happy day everycat!
Keep your paws crossed for the Prin~Flower

"Because of God's great
and steadfast love for you,

your truth is safe with Him."

Monday, July 16, 2007

MANCAT MONDAY & Dragonheart gave us a cool awardie

I know it. I am such a mantiger.

Just doing my daily patrols.
One sunny patch at a time...

Dragonheart honored us with this wonderful awardie
This is really... really such an honor.
We are caring bloggers!
Well, we would honor him right back but he was already given this prestigious award. Wow.

The Caring Cat Blogger Award is for cats who demonstrate caring and compassion for others. We are deeply honored. We will display this award proudly!

We can think of several kitties that deserve this award, atleast 20.

Princess and I spent the entire week-end ThinKing and thinking and THiNKING of who we should select for this awardie, and we came up with so many names. So we wrote the names of the kitties that came instantly to mind, and put those names in a "hat" and mixed them all up, and Blizzie reached inside and selected....

also known as Bootsauce

Skeezix is certainly a kitty that one thinks of
as caring
Skeezix is a friend to all.

Happy Monday!!

It is better to be silent
and thought a fool,
than to speak
and remove all doubt.....