Friday, March 28, 2008

Frootbat Friday

I will uppiedate tomorrow or Sunday.
We hit sort of a speed bump... if you know what we mean.
Going a bit too fast sometimes can bring up some emotional difficulties
We will tell you all about it soon.
I love all of you.
Smile, breathe and go slowly.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WhitecatS and wordy Wednesday

Lookie! I got my prize for being the cutest prettiest girls (Miral and I) in the Red Carpet Buzz!

Well, yes, I am quite proud to be a winner with Miral. She is a sweet friend.
She is very sick now and I am so worried and sad.

I am giving my strongest purrrs for her!
Thank you to all of you for voting for us!

about the kit-ten boys.
first of all. Mommie never really thought about getting another kitty because she did not want to break my heart. She found this advertisement in the local paper and she just looked at the webbish site they had provided. Then last week, she emailed the breeder guy and asked about the kits. She thought it would be very fun to go with Blizzie and see them. She figured they would be wild, bitey and crazy...
She discovered that they were very sweet well behaved kittens. Here is the big shock... they LOVE having their nails trimmed!!! wha??
So, mommie and Bliz went home and really thought about these two kits. Caesar would have loved these boys, they are so sweet, just like he was. They do not bite or tear up the house. Mom was surprised to see that the breeders house was not in a complete shambles.
Mom called our vetlady this past Monday to ask a lot of questions. Dr. vetlady thinks it will be a good thing for me to have one kitten but possibly two.
So... we are going to try these boys. The breeder said we could give them back in a week or so if it was not working out, the main consideration being that I am sooo olde. Sometimes you find something special when you are not looking for it.
Mom is going to the breeder guy today.
purrr for us okay....?
We still miss Caesar greatly, but the huge jarring shock has eased somewhat, sort of. Now it is just a lot of sadness going over the beautiful memories. Again, Caesar's passing was such a shock. We were not expecting it. *sigh* we miss Caesarpuppy
Everything was going so well. ....Caesar was a very happy tiger.
His passing was a rude life change for us. Our home is very different now.

Yesterday mom went to the PetSmart to get some kitten supplies and she almost burst out in tears/crying in the store, but she was brave. Mom kept thinking about how Caesar would have loved these gentle boys. That is how she got through the shopping trip.

We will keep you up to date...
and YES, I am The Princess of the House. My sunny room is still only my room, it is the sunniest and the best. In fact the whole house is mine. The kits will be isolated in Blizzie's room until they have been to the vetlady for a thorough check up, lots of squeezing, pinching, poking and putting things in personal places. They will probably cry a lot. haha They are 6 months so we are also looking at "the big snip" very soon as well.
We will do this very slowly. Blizzie won't be home from college for 6 weeks and if she does come home for a week-end... she can sleep in my wonderful paradise room with me!!
Purrr for me.

Here is a funny quote from Jack Handy:

Maybe in order to understand mankind
we have to look at that word itself.


Basically, it's made up of two separate words
"mank" and "ind."
What do these words mean?
It's a mystery and
that's why
so is mankind.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mancat Monday ~ Caesar our love

Mancats always try to achieve daily maximum sun exposure.
click to biggify
Really spread your toes... it feels great!
Stretch out and soak it up!

Happy Monday Everycat!

I hope all of you behaved yesterday and got to eat ham!
I did!

Big question:
Mom and Blizzie went to a webpage of a superb cornish rex breeder that lives here in No. Va and found that he has two cornish rex 6 month old boys.
Mom and Bliz went and actually met the boys this past Saturday. they are very sweet and not aggressive at all (Primus and Pierro).
They do not bite. One (Pierro) fell asleep on mommie's lap even.
Do any of you have any ideas/advice (positive and negative) how that would work with Moi? I will be 17 next month. I am in pretty good health but I do move kind of slowly because my back legs have arthritis. Should/could we do this? or would it be a big mistake??

I love all of you so much
purrrs for a happy day.
Here... *sniff* Blizzie goes back to the compound today... boohoo

It is in Christ that we find out who we are
and what we are living for.

Long before we learned of Christ
and got our hopes up,
He had his eye on us.