Friday, June 29, 2007

Fuzzy Friday

Here I am, doing some convalescent walking therapy with my little green blankie
(look how long my tail is. impressive huh?)
sorry so blurry...
mommie was so shocked to see me up and around
she grabbed the flashy-box
and started snappin'!

These past few days have been a blur.
meee-ow! I was feeling so crummy on Tuesday and Wednesday. My paws and my whisker humps got all puffy and I was really feeling bad. I barfed a lot and licked and licked and licked my paws.
The vetlady gave me a shot in my butt on Tuesday (oh yeah, the ER vet did too the night before) and gave me a pill that made me soo woozy.
I am not sure... but I think I am getting better.

Can you tell which one is me?
Blizzie lets me hang out on her bed. She has a realllly soft blankie.
btw, the other kitty is Blizzie's stuffed kitty, named.... "kitty"

Mommie was very worried and sad on Wednesday, actually she was so worried... she spent practically the whole day Wednesday sobbing miserably. She thought I was going to die. She did give me a headache, and she made me quite soppy with her tears.

the good news is... well, we used to be shoved and trapped in the paradise room at night with the door shutted closed! so the beans could sleep peacefully instead of us walking around on them while they are in those big cozy nests with all of their soft smelly blankies and their eyes are shut. Mommie used to get really crabby about that. Daddie breathes funny... I always wanted to check him, and mommie... she looks so pretty when she is sleeping I love to touch her face and sniff her ears . . .... Anyway, NOW the paradise room door is wide open at night!! I am keeping my paws crossed that we get to frolic all night now forever. Maybe even snuggle in next to mommie...

Yesterday I snoozed all day and mommie bought me some baby food! Gerber Chicken glop and Beef glop. Wowie those babies are so lucky to eat that. It tasted wunnerfuls.

I hope everyone has a happy safe week-end.
Prinnie and I are going to hide in the paradise room while the loud banging noises and the flashing colors and the BOOMS go on outside... why wait until July 4th when you can blow up stuff any time in Virginia (an activity which usually begins this week!)

Thank you so very very much from Prinnie, and ME... and mommie. I know that mommie is especially comforted to know that your beans are so caring and helpful and that all of the kitties here in Bloggieland are just so wonderful and loving and supportive and encouraging to us. We love you. Really. really.

A good laugh
and a long sleep
are the best cures in the doctor's book

--Irish proverb

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WORD-FULLL Wednesday

Ferst! THE Uppie date on Caesar:
Caesar is taking some pepcid for his tummy, he has had a few doses of benadryl... and he is eating a few nibbles of foods, and here is the important news! -->He is kind of happy
When he came home from the vet yesterday afternoonie, he was tired and still sort of discouraged becuase he barfed the crunchies he ate. Then mommie gave him the pepcid!

We snuggled and rested all day. Then in the evening he got itchy and puffy again and mommie gave him a benadryl which he barfed right out. Mommie picked it out of the barfglop and popped it right back down his throat again. He had an okay night and he is going to get another pepcid this morning.
we hope he does not have to go to the vet again! we love him so so so much.

Okay... so here is the other nooz:
Laast Saturday... the whole bean family (mommie daddie Blizzie and Chrystabelle) went to gramma and grampa's house in Merryland. They went there to celebrate mommie's mommie and daddie's
60th Wedding Anniversary.

So, ...we had to stay home and watch over the domicle

Here are some pictures of the happy couple:
this is my grampa and my gramma.

They met at a Christian youth gathering in 1945 after WW2. They got married in 1947. They both lived in the Netherlands (only about ten streets away from eachother, and never knew it!). Now they live in Merryland.

This picture shows my gramma with the carefully selected flower arrangement she got from my mommie's older sister, Joyce. Aren't they pretty. I bet they smelled lovely too!

Here is the cake that our mommie just simply-pimply, easy-peasy went to the store and ordered the baker ladies to create.
We never had a chance to sniff it, but it does look yummy...
click to biggify the sweetness

They had a fun fun day at the grammies They had greek foods that they ordered carry out from the place in Annapolis and then, they came home very late.

Newlyweds become oldyweds
and oldyweds are the reason that families work!

Dearest Blogger kitties and wondermous friends,
mommie says I have to tell all of you that I might not be able to comment or blog for a while. Caesar is really not well and his comfort is most important right now.
Love, Prinnie

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday~back to the vet.

Yesterday Caesar was feeling very icky and barfy all day and then later in the day he started getting itchy. Itchy ears, Itchy feets and he was just feeling very very quiet but very uncomfortable. He was so itchy he was chomping on his pawpads. Finally, Blizzie noted that Caesar's feets were unbelievably puffy (something that is very easy to spot on a cornish rexy kitty) and so mommie and Blizzie took Caesar in the prison box to the fancy new TLC emergency vet hospital in Leesburg at 11:00 PM. Caesar got a shot in the butt. Everyone at the vet was loving him and his curly furs and his sweet cuddly personality. They came home at 1:00 AM.

Everyone got up this morning and saw that Caesar is doing a little better. He is not hungry. (he did not eat any foods yesterday at all!) Last night, the ER vet said to give Caesar some red liquid benadryl this morning but mommie thinks he will yak it right up with his sicky tumtum, so they are going to visit our vetlady today.

I want my brother to get better.

I hope everyone has a happy and itch free day.
Please purrrray for Caesar that he gets all better.

EDIT: 10:00 AM Caesar and Blizzie and Mommie are leaving for the vetlady hospital now. He has to spend the day there and be tortured :-( ::::whimpers:::: I want my brother home now!

Learn from yesterday,
live for today,
hope for tomorrow.

-- Anonymous

Monday, June 25, 2007

Information Pleeez + Mancat Monday

We were tagged by Dragonheart to do Miss Peach's meme..
we are going to do this meme together today:

1} Favorite season? Caesar: my favorite season is Winter because the squares in the floor have warm air come out and I like to sit on those. Princess: I like summer because the birdies are around making a racket and I like keeping track of them!

2} Favorite colors? Caesar: my favorite color is , ummm, brown because that is the color of meatglop. Prinnie: I like Pink and light bloo
3} Favorite room? Princess: my favorite room is the livingroom because the bloo couch is in there and also the big black piano where Blizzie is. Sometimes mommie is playing the big black piano and then, I might have to leave. I also like my daddie's office Caesar: I like Blizzie's room and Chrystabelle's room because their beds smell wonderful. really.
4} Do you like dogs? Caesar: I do not know any dogs except Titus and he is very nice. Princess: Dogs make me hiss and run under the couch.
5} Ever been in an airplane box? zuzammen: never
6} Do you have to get bathed? Caesar: sometimes mommie gives me a face and body and legs wipedown with the warm washies Princess: Ooooh I hate when mommie does that!
7} Are you in love? Beiden: Yes, we love our family and we are brother and sister and we love each other very very very very much.
8} Where would you like to travel to? Both of us: we do not want to be anywhere but right here
9} What do you ignore? mutual: being summoned
10} How many lives have you used up? Both: seven or eight
11} Do you have any dark secrets? Maybe
12} What is your favorite holiday? our Puurrrrthday because we are still around!
13} Water or milk? water water water and lots of it!
14} Why do you blog? because we like to meet and be friends with amazing kitties.
15} Are you into extremes? Princess: extreme sunshine Caesar: extreme stretching + napping
16} Favorite TV shows? no tv here. Classical radio, variety piano and jazzy jazz
17} Are you a pesty lap cat?
les deux: we used to be, but now we just enjoy sitting close by.
18} Inside or outside cat? inside
19} What makes you happy? Everything!
20} Your most embarrassing moment? Caesar: when I fell off of the bar stool (trying to groom my back legs) and I landed on my butt. Princess: I have never been embarrassed.

Okay, that was quite fun.
This is ME rOARRRRRRing

you have
you cannot live in the
world WITHOUT changing it.
your CHOICE is
to decide HOW.
what will YOU change?