Friday, February 22, 2013

Frootbat Friday

I guess all of you want to know how my cardiologist appointment went last Wednesday.
Right before I had my lunch, mom put me in my prison box and said we were going bye-bye in the big machine. That was okay. Mom always puts on this noise that sounds like kitties singing and dogs barking. She said it was music. She also made the hot blowing wind go right into my box.
 My cardiologist is Dr Tyrell at the LifeCenter in Leesburg Virginia. He is a really nice doctor and he did not torture me.
I had to lay on a table and be really still for a long time. The doctor helper guy held all of my paws, and mommie was there stroking my head and telling me I was the best kittyboy ever... I already knew that part. Then they put glop on my furs (not meatglop) and took pictures of my heart bonking.

My test came back super great. I do not need any special medicines or treatments.
I just have this thing that when I get worried or scaredy, which is hardly never of course, the blood just splooshes through the left ventricle of my heart really hard and makes a loud murmur that makes the vet people go crazy.

So, then I finally got to get back inside my prison box and go bonkbonk home, and guess what? I do not have to go back ever ever, not any more again!
My brofur is brave. I would not lay still and let them abuse me like that.

Yes, kitties, I did help my mom with her project all day last Monday.
She finally finished it and submitted pictures for the blog quilting hopping and flopping group.
She learned all sorts of stuff. This time, making this fabric sticking and sewing project.

She did not know very much about Heat and bronk - er, um brond, uh, Bond stuff.
Just do not heat and bond me mom. but you can bronk me if you want.

History is the chronicle of divorces 
between creed and deed.  
~Louis Fischer 
I have always thought 
the actions of men 
the best interpreters of their thoughts.  
~John Locke

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mancat Monday

Here we are another busy Mancat Monday
I am doing great! I hope you are bronking good too.

I am helping my mom with her sewing project today.

Pierro: Well. I have a very busy calendar this whole week.

okay... purr for me.
I have to get a check up with the cardiologist on Wednesday because I have a little bonkbonk murmur.


AND that is because I have to get a tooth pulled in the back
that has a resorptive lesion on it!!!!
I am not sure what day that is going to happen but I am not excited.

If you don't get 
everything you want....
think of the things you don't get 
that you don't want
~Oscar Wilde