Friday, June 1, 2007

Frootbattttt Friday

yesterday... mommie came home from the rink.... and then she gave us our afternoonie meat glops. Then, something bad happened... It was the same creepy thing as when we were at the vetlady on Wednesday!
Let me start from the beginning...

I was napping comfortably upstairs in our paradise room... after all that fun and partying yesterday. Thanks for coming over, by the way. What an absolute blast huh? Somecat left their nip behind and we have a green blankie that belongs to somecat...
Anyway... back to the bad thing. Mommie came up stairs and snatched me up from my pleasant dreems and made me come downstairs and sit on Blizzie's lappy. I did not really feel like sitting with her and everything seemed kind of suspicious... Blizzie started brushing me and mommie was fooling with some strings and squirting water around... then she put on her glasses and wrestled with my furs and pricked me!!!! Then... I got chilly... then my left front leg felt kind of funny.
It all happened so fast. I was ready to get out of there and go back up to my room... mommie offered me some stinky goodness and I took a few chomps, then I went upstairs, faaaast.
Blizzie wanted me to snuggle with her, but really... The whole thing was strange.
Mommie was acting all happy too! Blizzie gave mommie a high five !?! I just did not get it.


Later in the evening... I went looking around and this is what I found.
*clik to biggify*

That bag of water... the bag of strings... and those green things with the pricker inside.
I am not sure if this has any connection to what happened earlier, but... gosh.
(There is my new foods to try ... I really like them all. The nice vetlady gave them to me.)
*clik to biggify*
that's me just after all of you left the party

I hope all of you have a decent day... watch out for suspicious behavior...
Just, be aware!
headbutts, Caesar

~ We learn and grow
and are transformed

not so much by what we do

but by why and how we do it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just Thursday

I like my new food. I gobble it up. (Prinnie loves it too) It is the Hills KD. The vet lady gave mommie some other samples... so maybe I will like them too.
Mommie is going to give me the "cuddly treatment" this afternoon when she comes back from the rink. She has her last groop lesson with her friends. (she thinks I look very good this morning) They are learning dance moves and mostly footwork.
She sometimes falls on her butt and gets these black and blue spots on her, but she likes to put those big white boots on and fly.

So, Prinnie and I are going to be home alone for a while. Daddie has a meeting (he works at home but goes out for meetings sometimes) Blizzie is going out to lunch with a bunch of girlie friends and Chrystabelle is going to the moovees with her boyfriend.

Come on over and we can play with some of my new toys! It is also very hot and sunny here, lots of sunny patches!!

We hope you have a wonderful day.
Prinnie might uppie date tonight after I get my first treatment.
but for now... I need a napp.
Thanks for all of the praise and comforting words. They make me feel strong and happy and then my tail goes straight up and has that little bend at the end.
headbutts and frolics too.
Mommie says she will be thinking about my army of friends when she gives me my first treatment. Blizzie is going to help her.
Most folks
are about as happy

as they make up their minds to be.

Abraham Lincoln

Wednesday ~ vet day

Well, mommie and Blizzie are leaving at 10:30, taking Caesar in the prison box, to the vetlady (poor thing... actually Caesar is much more cooperative than I am. I get very cross going out anywhere) ... so I have a chance here to give a quick up date.
We are so appreciative of the suggestions and encouragement all of you have given. I know mommie feels like she has an army of friends behind her now.
We will keep you posted on Caesar's progress.
I can tell you that yesterday Caesar was really doing a stellar job of fooling mom into thinking that he was just as healthy as ever. He got fed meat glop 5 times yesterday! He also got two big doses of that Lactulose. It sometimes spills on his furs and it is hard to lick off. I tried. Mommie now washes his furs after she gives him his dose. What is that stuff? feels like wax and glue.

Caesar had a good day yesterday.

Mommie used to be an RN, so she is not at all shaky about needles. she actually used to be very very good at drawing blood and starting IV's back in the day. I guess she is just so worried about Caesar and his comfort. Caesar is definitely mommie's boy.

I better run off now... I will try to visit around later and maybe (don't get your hopes up, I may be tending to Caesar) I will give an update... maybe tomorrow. If not, do not despair... soon.

Thank you so much for the strong purrrs
(((hugs)))) headbutts and nose kisses to all of you

"I need a partner in silliness...
like a partner in crime,
only less shooting and more giggling"

~kind of a funny thing to say :-D
by an old boyfriend of Chrystabelle's

Adding on at 3 PM:
Mommie and Blizzie went to the vet lady with Caesar.
They got home one hour later, with a huge bag of stuff, big baggs of water, some plastic ropes, new cans of meatglop and a big bag full of green sticks.... and some medicines in little bottles.
Caesar looked quite happy. He came out of the prison box and got some snacks right away.
Mommie and Blizzie are treating him really nice, calling him "little man" and "brave tiger".
The vetlady said that Caesar was a really good boy.
He likes it! He likes one of the new foods, Hill's KD or something like that. It looks creepy but Caesar likes it :-)
We hope all is well with everyone. Thank you for your puuuurrrrs and good wishes. They work!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuxie Tuesday

I am just going to relax and stay calm today.
Perhaps even muster up some energy to act perky.
Maybe mommie will think I am all better and I won't have to go to the vetlady tomorrow.
I am pretty sure some horrible things will happen.

Sorry... we might not be blogging or commenting much.
mommie needs time to adjust to the new routine around here with everyone home...
and of course... ME and my troubles.
she definitely needs to get used to that.
we love all of you kitties and beans. Please bear with us

There is not a moment
in our lives

that is beyond
God's notice.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

True Confessions Monday

True Confessions!

Dragonheart tagged us for the True Confessions meme.
We could write an entire encyclopaedia of naughty things we have done over the past 16 years... but we will try to keep this short.

I went through a nesting stage when I was about two years old. I stole many things and stored them under Blizzie's bed ... dirty clothing, mostly undies from the laundry basket, bath towels (I dragged them down the hall), a bag of hot dog rolls, "used personal items" from the trash in mommie's bathroom. Mommie never knew about it until one day she went looking under beds for some silly reason....

Caesar: I used to go in to the pantry and chomp open bags of food and eat what ever was hiding inside, cereal, chips, it was all good. That was how I discovered I loved Peperidge Farm Goldiefishies. Then mommie started a rule that the pantry door had to be closed all the time.

Oh wait... there's more. . .

Princess: once I was messing around in our unfinished basement and found a way to walk on top of the insulation that was attached to the wall then I fell in (ooops) and mommie came down stairs and saw a lump moving in the wall. It was me. She had to cut the insulation to get me out.

Caesar: I used to chomp on rolls of toilet paper. Just do a big chop right in the middle. okay maybe a few more chomps.

Princess: When mommie feeds us, I eat really fast so I can help Caesar with his food. I do this every day.

Caesar: I like to chomp on Princess really gently and make her hiss and scream at me. That gets me excited and then I wrestle with her. She screams really loud and runs out of the room. Then I get the warm spot.

Princess: We sleep in our own room with the door closed at night now, but before, I used to like to sit on Blizzie's chest while she was sleeping. She would have dreams that she was suffocating before she would wake up.

Caesar: I do like to get into the drier. Now that we have lived for 16 years, it is just a habit for the beans to never re-run the drier without checking for me. I have never been tumbled, whew.

Princess: I must lick the plates every night after dinner. If I do not have this opportunity... well, things get ugly.

Caesar: when I was a kitten, I used to tear my toys to shreds in a matter of days and leave toy innards all over the place.

Princess: I love tipping my water bowl over. It is fun.
Blizzie gave me the usual cuppie of water in the bathroom this morning (I always get one while mommie showers) and I knocked that over. Water went every where heehee. Some times I try to pick the bowl back up with my teeth to get it up right again.

Caesar: I love to help mommie cook. I help her. Hanging around the kitchen or just being close by, affords me the opportunity to pounce on this duty every day.

Princess: Do not pick me up unless you are Blizzie. Do not pet me unless you are Blizzie.

Caesar: I never cover in the litter box. NEVER. why bother?

Princess: I love to chew on plastic grocery bags, sometimes ANYTHING covered in plastic. So if mommie has something new or important in a plastic bag... she better not leave it out or she will be sorry!

Caesar: mmmMMMmmm plants taste soooo soooo good. I love to nibble and taste. If I do not like it then I just take chomps and throw the bits on the floor. Sometimes if I work realllly hard, I can dump the whole plant before mommie finds out.

How horrible are YOU??
We are not too sure who to tag, but if you have read this today and you have not been tagged you will have a great time doing this!
This is a lot of fun!

Though I am not naturally honest,
I am so sometimes
by chance.

-William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Again: Deer frurryfriends we are so comforted by your love and caring thoughts and support.
Caesar ate a littel bit of breakfast this morning but he is very quiet. we are watching him.. and just looking forward to Wednesday. It is a holiday here today, however if he does not feel better tomorrow we may call the vetlady earlier and go in tomorrow. He loves the new Iams hairball crunchies. He is just being really quiet. we are going to give him lots of attention today. Thank you thank you thank you. Mommie is so happy to have this support from such wonderful kittyfriends and mommies


Princess: Everyone is running out of here for early church,
so they can come home and play :-)

I just want to say a huge ginormous thank you to everycat and been.
Mom stopped crying for now.
Caesar is always quiet lately, he eats a little... he does not seem so active and peppy. He is still mommie's favorite lovey dovey big tiger.
We are trying to help him. Wednesday seems like a long time away. We want him to feel better soon. Mommie never had a 16 year old kitty, we have been so happy and healthy, so this is new for her.

We are going to do Dragonheart's meme this afternoonie!

Purrrs and headbutts and pile-on snuggles

All of the animals
except for man
know that the principle business of life
is to enjoy it.

-- Samuel Butler