Friday, May 21, 2010

Frootbat Friday

Hi kitties.
Blizzie came home from her surgery yesterday and I am helping her
all day and listening all night.
I sniffed her a lot.

when she first got home, mom put her on the couch as you see here.
Then later, dad and mom brought Blizzie's bed down stairs
so, now she is resting very comfy on a real bed with a super nice spongy
mattress and she has her foot up on that big puffy thing.
I have to check her a lot
then I need a break.
being a nurse kitty is a lot of work.
I get really hungry and tired. I just don't want to get too exhausted because I have to be alert and perky for my brother Miles. He is coming to live with me on Sunday.

Happy Frootbat Friday

I am feeling happy today.
I hope you have a happy day too.

ps: if you don't hear a peep from me on Monday, it might be that mom is too tired
to help me blog. I will try to update all of you as soon as I can.
more bonks!
Yes, we must ever be friends;
and of all who offer you friendship
let me ever be the first,
the truest,
the nearest and dearest!

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miles' room Wednesday

Hi kitties.

today is the day I will show you Miles' room.
It is my old room but mom and I cleaned it really well, and now it is ready for my kitten brother.

He has this new cuppie bed and some safe toys

I think he will feel cozy in this room

the sunshine comes right in this window every morning!!

Here is the outside hall way... exciting huh?
Ooooh look at that railing!

mom gets very mad when I stand on this railing, she calls me "NONO Pierro"
and she shakes the squirty bottle at me.

Mom says she is going to cover this huge nutty lamp with a lot of aluminum foil, so when Miles comes out of his room, he will not be interested in jumping onto that thing.
It does look tempting but I never tried to jump on it.

Anycat have any better idea than foil?

Soon Miles and I can share my room

I like the view from my window too

I hope all of you kitties have a pouncing and bonking fun day.
I have to help mom with a lot of things today to prepare for Blizzie's surgery tomorrow
and for Miles to come to our house on Sunday.


A friend
is one of the nicest things
you can have,

and one of the best things
you can be.

~Douglas Pagels

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mancat Monday

Happy Monday
I love relaxing under this pink blankie in my favorite sunny spot in the sun room
Mom always finds me here, and she touches the top of the blankie to find my head
then she starts kissing my head through the blanket, then she gives me scritches through the blanket.

then, she lifts up the blanket to see my cute face and this is what she finds:

She has been kissing and scritching MY BUTT

haha silly mommie

I am hoping next Monday will be Miles Mancat-in-Training Monday
Thank you kitties for purring for Miles and his brothers to get all better from
their virus. All of you are such loyal and wonderful pals!
Mommie, and dad and Blizzie and I are going to take really good care of Miles when he comes to live with us.
Meantime, I am going to hope this is a week of full recovery for all of the kittens that got sick... and that the others don't get sick! Mom says being sick is soooo annoying!

bonkbonkbonkbonk for a happy snappy sunny Monday
Seventy percent of success in life
is just showing up.

~Woody Allen