Wednesday, March 5, 2008

White RexCats Wednesday

Miral and I won this awardie for being the prettiest girls
at the Red Carpet Buzz!
Miral and I went shopping together for our dresses. She helped me pick out mine because I was feeling sad, so she helped me.
I am so proud to have this awardie!!
I love my dress =) aren't we cute?!

Today I am going to sleep in my tentie.

I hope every cat has a very Wondermous Wednesday!
Thank you sweet friends for loving us.

And remember,
no matter where you go,
there you are.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mommie found this pin in the china cabinet.

She painted this pin a long time ago... perhaps, maybe ten years ago.
It is Caesar being an outside kitty (he has never been outside really)
you can click on it to make it bigger and see his pawpads
and the curl in his tail.
Caesar always had a happy mancat curl in his tail
Mom is happy she made this pin

Then here is Caesar in one of his classic mancat poses.
He really liked to lay in the sun.
He was so handsome
and soft
and wonderful

6 weeks now.

We miss him greatly

They say that time heals all wounds
but all it's done so far
is give me more time to think about
how much I miss you.
~Elsbeth Wilder