Friday, April 6, 2012

Frootbat Friday

Miles: Happy Friday kitties!
and it is a bronkie Good Friday indeed :3
Guess what, mom is not helping us blog!! and furthermore: !
We are very mad. Yes, she plays with us all day and when she is not doing that she is stressing about Christabelle's wedding in Joon.

Well, I am not mad.
Mom lets us bonkbonk with her stuff that she is sewing, and we get to help a lot with the wedding too.
Here we are bonking Christabelle with her invitations

bonks for a happy day
Bronks for a fun week-end and a very Happy Easter to all

Easter says you can put truth in a grave,
but it won't stay there.

~Clarence W. Hall

Easter spells out beauty,
the rare beauty of new life.

~S.D. Gordon

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mancat Monday

every day Miles and I work together

Miles: yep, we are bestbronkie brofurs
...I can see him down there, hey Pierro

Pierro: Miles come down here quick!
we need to have a bonkbonk meeting

Miles: Pierro, I need my nap now before we have a meeting

Good idea bonkiebrofur

Happy Monday every kitty

Present yourself always
As who you would be,
And that is the person
The world will see.

Robert Brault