Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Miles


Today is MY 4th BIRTHDAY!!

welcome to my house. we are having my bronk party at the main office here in the big room
our talented neighborkitties are here to provide
snazzy music for us so we can race around, and dance

we have HAM
and lots of yummy snacks -- and tuna cookies
and crabbie cakes

Miles: and my favorite ever BLOO FISH CAKE

Here are the other important things:

Pierro: Enjoy yourselves and when you have to go back home please take a bonkie toy along with you.

bonks and bronks for a happy day
dear kittypals!
We still have troubles blogging regularly
But just know that we are missing you and 
hope you are playing and having fun every day.
Love, Pierro and Miles

The key to happiness
is having dreams.
The key to success is
making your dreams come true.
- Anonymous

It takes a long time
to grow an old friend.
~John Leonard