Friday, April 17, 2009

Frootbat Friday, Flowers and thank you

Yay it is Friday and finally sunny and nice here in Virginia.
we had so many days of rain, it made us crazy.
Now we are excited about many days of sun shine.
Mom is going to work in her garden all week-end. Daddy is going to drive to Williamsburg and see Blizzie at kollig, she is getting inducted into some super brain society.

These lovely flowers are for you. Thank you for coming to my party.
I am overwhelmed at the attention I received for my special day.
Thank you so very much.
Please take these flowers home and enjoy them!

Here is an olde picture I want to share with you
This is me about 3 years ago. This is before Blizzie ran off to kollig.

here is silly Pierro.

Happy week-end to all of you.
friendship is precious,
not only in the shade,
but in the sunshine of life,
and thanks to a benevolent arrangement
the greater part of life is sunshine.

~Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today is my 18th birthday

can you believe it? I am 18 today. and it is White cat Wednesday too
I am so happy to be here. I am not a frisky kitten, but I do love life, and pets, and FOOD and even nip! and.... warm soft comfy beds. I demand constant pets and attention.

I am so happy to have friends like you.

I miss my brother and litter-mate Caesar.

He was a good boy, we miss him, but Pierro has really filled that hole in our hearts with a lot of silliness. He was truly heaven sent. We know that Caesar found him for us.
We are certain of that and we are thankful that the connection between Caesar and the breederguy Dimitri and mom was successful.

Pierro is a good snuggle buddy.... well, he comes to snuggle with me and I am okay with it but when I get up for a drink..... I do not climb back in my cuppie bed with him.... I do not trust him, I know he wants to wrestle and play. He loves to wrestle and play and stalk me and it annoys me. I scream at him to cut it out but he never listens until I hiss.
He is a good kitty and I am training him every day

Here is Caesar and me when we were just kittens in 1991

I am so happy that all of you came to my party.
Thank you for thinking of me on my special day
I have the best cake, it has tuna filling and salmon flavored icing.

I have gifts for all of you. Please pick a toy

and have a good time with it

and take it home.
I love all of you. I want to live forever, but I am aiming for 23 years old!
Love and hugs always
ps: this morning I am visiting blogs and saw that I was signed in as my beansisters blog "clickies" Christina. can you imagine my embarrassment now??? She came to visit home last night to see moms new car and to get help with her taxes and she was signed in!! (using moms computer!!!)
love and extreme apologies, Princess and mom If you have comments on your bloggie from "christina" it is really me...

You are loved by me *smooooches*

Friendship isn't a big thing
- it's a million little things.

~Author Unknown

A true friend reaches for your paw
and touches your heart.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

purring for Peachiecurlykins

We love you Miss Peachie.
Faith is courage;
it is creative
while despair is always destructive.

~David S. Muzzey

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mancat Monday

Today is Mancat Monday and I am a mancat.
I am thinking about Caesar today because on Wednesday his littermate Princess will be 18 years old! She is going to have a nice birthday and I will take care of her forever.

hmmm I can lay like that

this is a good try

mom and dad are very busy this week. They have to find a new car.
I hope all of you kitties have a lot of sunshine and playtime.


Other things may change us,
but we start and end with the family.

~Anthony Brandt