Friday, January 11, 2008

Frootbattttt Friday~gramma~and a special awardie from the furry kids

We have just been alerted that Maobert
has not been home since the 9th!

We have had a relaxing week, visiting your bloggs, reading all of them, but sorry not commenting so much. we are happy that all of you are doing so well.
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I love napping in my bed with my bloo blankie

Gramma had a nice birthday and mommie made her a cake.

The big surprise is that Blizzie came along to see gramma too (daddie had to go to a meeting at werk, even though he werks at home). Gramma was even happier to see Blizzie.
yes, mommie has summer clothes on.
We are having a strange heatwave here on the east coast.
The temp was 75 on Tuesday!

In the afternoon, mommie had to drive backhome and then mommie and daddie took Blizkin back to the kollij in PeeAy so she can learn accounting with that fat book. No, she does not want to be an accountant (like grampa) she wants to major in International Business and International Relations.

LOOOOK Lookie at this beautiful awardie
we got from Tazo, Titus and Earl Grey!!!
This is what they said about us:
"They're special to us. They always have a kind word to say to everykitty (and even dawgs) and they teach us lots of stuff about being grown up kitties. Plus, we heard that Caesar is very good at Accounting, which can come in handy this time of year. hee hee"

Wow! We are so olde but we are also very very honored that we are looked up to from our very lovely friends here in kitty bloggieland! Thank you very much Furry Friends Tazo, Earl Grey and Titus!

We love so many of you kitties very much. Every day we love coming and reading your creative bloggies and finding out the latest crazy fun activities that you are up to. It brings back many memories of when we were young kitties. Mom says that when we were kittens we were a handful, and Caesar was the naughtiest I am pretty sure.

I get to present this awardie to another kittie and I would like to give this awardie to Kaze, because she reminds me of myself when I was a young girl. Very smart... very intelligent, certainly the most intelligent feline in the house, and always quite busy and alert!
I used to love hunting through the trash and finding excellent and wonnnderfully smelly treasures that mommie recklessly threw away. Kaze is a lot like me, so.... I think she is special!

Happy Week-end.
You are loved by us!

"A bean's life
is what his thoughts make of it."

Monday, January 7, 2008

Mancat Monday

Today is Blizzie's last day here.
Prinnie and I are planning to receive lots of Blizzietime before she goes back to kollij for "j-term".
She is only taking one class in January (j-term): Accounting. She has a big heavy book and homework already. She will have this class every day, four hours a day. At the and of January she will take the final exam, and be done with it.
One less class to take for "Spring semester"

Here I am, helping her with the accounting reading and homework.
what would she do without a mancat like me.....

We hope you have a happy sunny day.
It is sunny here and unusually warm.

Some people drink
from the fountain of knowledge,

others just gargle

~Dr. Robert Anthony
really. it's actually true
that is what they do! ... just gargle

We are going to have to take a little blogging break. We will read your bloggs but maybe we won't blog so much, perhaps only one or two times a week. Mom has a busy week. she is going to gramma's tomorrow for her 85th birthday! She is going to bake her a cake and bring it!