Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hi Kitties It is my Gotcha day!

Today was the anniversary day that my mom took me home to be her helperkittyboy.
You can read all about it HERE
I am so glad to be here 5 years already bonkbonk

I hope you can stay a while and celebrate my 5th Gotcha Day!

I have a cool jazz piano kitty, playing some snazzy high quality jazz

and even the neighbor's doggie
is coming over to play some saxophone at 2:00

I have tuna juice to share with you
and shrimps. Have as many as you like!

Help yourselves
to the ham and kitty cheese puffs.

and you can relax with me in the sunshine too.

We are really glad to have all of you as our friends

 We just wanted you to come and see us for my Gotcha Day
Mom let me do this postie.

mom has been really tired all the time.
Gramma is in a Rehab place... and we want to get her out of there and back home soon
Our gramma has a big hill to climb but she has been doing so well.

Mom is driving to her mom and dad every other day which is an hour drive on the Washington Beltway that surrounds the cesspool that is DC. It is a harrowing drive.
Then she comes home, she lays around and eats cookies and plays with us.
We will be back blogging soon.
we love all of you
bonks and bronks
Sure, there is no "I" in Team
but there is "Me"!

~author unknown
"There is also meat and eat
so maybe we can get together as a team
and eat some meat!
~Caesar the softie 9/5/07