Friday, October 26, 2007

Frootbat, a Farm and MissPeach

We have had three days of desperately needed rain. Yes, rain is wonderful... but it also makes us very sleepy. Here is a picture of my neck and under my chin where I love my scritches.

Here is a farm close to were we live. No one lives there any more.

Mommie says it is very nice to walk around here in Autumn.

We are praying and purrring like mad for MissPeach. We want her to get all better.
She has been feeling poorly and heartbroken since her mom went a way for a week. Now mommie is home and MissPeach needs to get better.

we are sending strong purrrs to her and her wonderful loving momKarla
we love you MissPeach. We love you MomKarla

WE snagged the graphic from Karl's bloggie and he can't remember where he got it.
Hey, were kitties not rocket scientists

To us,
family means putting your arms around each other
and being there.

~Barbara Bush

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tent Thursday


It is pouring rain here.
we needed rain soo sooo sooooo bad.
Even though it is dreary dampie and drabbb, we are having a wonderful day.
we hope you are too.
Happy Thursday

the high cost of
living isnt so bad
if you

don't have to pay for it

~Don Marquis,

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Whitecat Wednesday

First of all... what happened to our pictures in the bloggie entry from yesterday?
How come they are gone?
We are mad at blogger because they are doing something silly with our blog and we are grumpy about that. Sometimes we come to check on our bloggie and our pictures have disappeared.
Okay... so we just replaced the pictures.
As you can see, the tiny red boxes are the "former pictures".

Look at me. Do I look amused? I am not.
I do not enjoy replacing the pictures that we already put up one time.....
hissssss to you Blogger

Today is White Cat Wednesday.

We hope you have a spiff-doodle and happy snappy Wednesday.
It is raining here. Amazing. Rain, oh how we have missed you.
Mommie is skating this morning,a nd when she comes home, we are going to visit, visit visit visit and furthermore.... visit.

It isn't the load that brings us down, it is the way that we carry it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Toys Toozday

Here are two toys that Caesar and I play with most of the time.

We have some others but we like these two.

The bloo one, our big bean sister made for us. It has catnip inside!

Mom is going out visiting all day. She is driving to Warrenton to see a friend, eat some food in a bean restaurant, and shop for toys of her own!
She just left!
When she comes home, she has to make dinner for us, give Caesar his flooids and then go to her french class.

I hope you have a wondermous day today.
We will try to visit tomorrow.
Love and purrrs

Life is a shipwreck
but we must not forget to sing
in the lifeboats.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Mancat Monday

Here I am.

Mommie and daddie went to the kollig on Saturday to see Blizziekin play in her Jazz groop.
They took two long videos. One on each camera because they always seem to have something happen with one of the cameras.
Blizzie is on the far left at the ginormus piano

This time mommie's video card got too full because there were some pictures of ME on it. Good thing daddy got the whole performance on his camera.

Blizzie has gotten so amazing that mommie's eyes were leaking from proudness.
These are just pictures snagged from the movies. The movies are too long.
The girl behind the little white box there plays jazzy violin

Happy Monday

Happiness is where we find it
but rarely where we seek it.