Friday, June 29, 2012

Frootbat Friday ~helpers

Our mom has been bonkbonkbusy all week packing all of Blizzie's stuff.

Miles: Well, Pierro and I decided that we would help
because we are great helpers all the time.

Blizzie lives far away subleasing her friend's apartment,
while the friend served her reserve duty in Afghanistan.

Pierro: As always, I think mom is really happy
that we are around to snoopervise. look at this stuff!

After this big move, mom said she will have
time to help us bonk around and visit blogs all day and night.

Miles: Mom can pack me
and I will be a great surprise!
Blizzie is going to have a lot of bronkie stuff at her apartment.

It is far more impressive
when others discover your good qualities
without your help.

~Author Unknown

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mancat Monday

Miles: Once upon a time a long long time ago, after WW 2,

Pierro: These two people met at a Young Christians Groop
in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
They did not know each other but they got to be best friends
And on Joon 25, 1947, they got married.
Miles: This is our mom's mom and daddy.
Now they live in Annapolis Maryland.

Pierro: There was not a lot of sugar or flour available after the war to make a weddingcake, and our gramma's best girlfriends saved up their very own ration cards to buy enough of these things to make a cake for them!
This is their wedding picture

Miles: gramma's wedding dress is made of beautiful velvet, so pretty
Pierro: and today they celebrate 65 bonkbonk years together.

Our mom is very proud and happy about that.

Miles: Yesterday, Mom and daddy abandoned us and went to their house and
our mom made a bronkie party for them!

A wedding anniversary
is the celebration of love, trust,
partnership, tolerance and tenacity.
The order varies for any given year.

~Paul Sweeney