Friday, January 4, 2008

Cheesy Frootbat Friday

I can recycle.

daddie lets me help him clean up the cottage cheese container so we can put it in the dishwasher.

Then, I have to clean up myself after.

We are hoping mommie will help us do some visiting today after she goes to the peoplefood store and then to the vet to get more bags of subq's for us

Have a happy Snappy Week-end!

Cherish your yesterdays; dream your tomorrows; but live your todays!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Gramma went through the cardioversion procedure super great. She was happy when she left the hospital!
Mommie had a very nice day with her mom and dad in Annapolis and then she came home. We had a great day too because Blizzie took care of us!

Mommie is leaving for the ice rink now to dance around on her skates.
she will be back later and help us visit around

Have a super snuggly day!!

Purrrs, Prinnie

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Whitecat Wednesday

Happy New Year everycat.

Today is going to be a nice sunny day and I am going to enjoy some quality sunny patch time.
Mom is driving to Merruhlind today. Gramma is having cardioversion at the hospital this morning. If all goes well, she will be able to go home an hour or two after the procedure.

We are sure hoping everything goes well.
Gramma is very nervous about this. We hope mom has a safe trip to Merruhlind.
We hope gramma does okay with this scary procedure.
Keep your paws crossed and send some purrrs please.

All women become like their mothers.
That is their tragedy.
No man does.
That's his.

~Oscar Wilde

Monday, December 31, 2007

An awardie from a great friend ~ and Mancat Monday!

We are planning on staying up allll night to ringie dingie in the NEW YEAR!!
It is going to be a Happy 2008!

This is going to be a great year meeeeowwww!

We apologise for not being around visiting much... we did have several days when we just read your bloggies but did not comment. Sorry. Mommie is still in shock that she has to help plan a wedding... and her baby is getting married. It was only yesterday that she was riding her three wheel bike down the sidewalk!

We are so honored to recieve an awardie from Ruis!!
It is the Life is Heck without Friends awardie!
We are so honored and thrilled to have this awardie.
This is what Ruis said about us:
They are very special friends, because they are soooo sweet, they are also Cornish Rex kitties like me, and Princess looks alot like my half sister Miral!

WE are just sooo very happy that we found Kattenpraat Catwalk! Our grandbeans are dutch and they came over here to the US when our mommie was little, then our granddadbean got a job with the US government and worked in Germany and Brussels and in France. This was great because our mommie got to see her auntiebeans and unclebeans and her grandbeans in Holland. She also had some special friends in Holland when she was a beanager!
Ruis is in Holland too!!

We think this is a very good award! What a true statement huh?
We love all of you friends!
Well, we would like to pass this awardie on to another very special friend that we think is a very good friend and we are always happy when we get a comment from this troop of poosies.
Sammy and Miles are very silly and lovable kitties.
They make us laugh and remind us of the funny playful things we did when we were young poos tigers!

We hope you have a very fun evening and do not let your beans drink and drive!
Or play with your nip toys too much!

Love and purrs.

Many people look forward
to the new year
for a new start
on old habits.

~Author Unknown