Friday, October 12, 2007

a Sweeet Awardie, Flowers and Frootbatty Friday

Princess: Dragonheart gave us this wonderful sweet awardie. We are so honored and proud to receive it.
Thank you so much Dragonheart
We have been soo busy this week we could not even remember to tell you about it or pass on the awardie to another kitty!!

We would like to pass on this sweet award to some special kitties.
Storm, Adan, Kaze, NurseFazzie, and Karl!

Thank you sooo much for your prayers and purrs and good wishes for gramma!
she is home and doing so well now. Her bronchitis is improving and she is getting stronger.
She is going to a special heart doctor on Monday and they will put a musheen on her and take a record of her heart. We are just happy that she is improving and home! All of your purrrs worked!

Here are some lovely flowers from gramma's garden. Aren't they nice?
This year gramma says that the wild rabbits did not eat her flowers... they ate her weeds!

She was very pleased with that arrangement, usually she has to put up a tiny fence to remind the bunnies that the flowers are no-no for snacking.

The only way to discover
the limits of the possible

is to go beyond them

into the impossible!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whitecat Wednesday news

sorry for this latepost.
Mommie is very busy and tired at the same time. She is taking good care of us and talking on the phone with gramma and grampa, and with her siblingbeans alll the time. They are home, and we are hoping that gramma starts to recover from her bronchitis and that she will get better. Mommie said that the ER doctors said that grammas heart is good even though it has that arrhythmia thing going on. Hopefully she will not have to take pills for that.

Blizzie is coming home today for "fall break" mommie is very happy and so are weeeeeee!
We will try to get around and visit some blogs today. we have been reading many of your blogs but just not commenting. we are so sorry about that. mom is very bad and refuses to assist.
Thank you so much for the purrrs for our grandbeans. We know they have really worked!!
love and purrrs to all of you

are merely things
which we have not yet learned.

- Charles W. Chesnutt

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday news

Dear Kitties.
Thank you very much for the huge purrs and good wishes for our gramma.
She is HOME the hospital and she had a bunch of tests done. She has irregular heartbeat and will have to take coumadin now... grampa went and got her last evening after dinner.
Gramma told mommie that she was kind of bored, and she was missing her tea and cookies. ...that did sound dreadful :-( so, we are glad that she is home now.

Today mommie.... well, she left already.
She went to take Chrystabelle's boyfriend to the dentist. He is getting some big wisdom teeth in the back taken out. Owie.

Mommie has been very tired. Probably from worrying about her mommie and also talking too much on the telephone with her siblingbeans.

We hope every cat has a spiff doodle day.
We are very sorry we have not been able visit too many bloggies. We have read several of your bloggies but mom will not let us comment.

purrrrs +

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then post it on your bloggie!!!
We did this one in a hurry...
we can try again later.

Up date on Gramma:
She is going back to thehospital.
She does not feel good this morning.
They called 9-1-1
Mommie was in the teeth surgery office with Jason and as soon as they put him under she felt the need to go home... and got the message on the mashine. She called them quickly and they did not sound good.

Purrrs please please for gramma and grampa :-(

Monday, October 8, 2007

Deskie top meme

We started this meme on Sunday. We hope you enjoy it.
>>Last evening, grampa called and told mommie that gramma fainted in church yesterday as she was stepping out of choir because she was feeling dizzy. She is in the hospital and mommie is going to call grampa today to see how he is doing alone and how gramma is doing. she might drive up to Annapolis and see how things are going. Gramma clunked her head really hard and she had a bunch of tests done. The ambulance crew also thought that gramma was having an irregular heartbeat! We are sooooo werrried!


We were taggied by MissPeachiekins! KarenJo! and Tiger Lili!!
we are so happy to do this.

Here are the rules for the meme:

Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop!!!!!
It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. Here’s how you can do a screen capture:

1.Go to your desktop and press the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).

2.Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and doing a Paste (CTRL + V). If you wish, you can “edit” the image before saving it.

3.Post the picture on your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop if you want. You can explain why you prefer such a look or why it is full of icons. Things like that.

4.Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktops as well.

We immediately took a screenshot, for us Mac users it is so easy [command shift 3] and voila!
(mom is taking a french class, knock yourself out mom...)
here is our compooter screen:

Yeppers, Our grampa and gramma are on our desk top.
This is a picture of them, at their home. They always have a lot of cookies at tea time.
They hve a very big toaster so they can have lots of toast for breakfast and lunch.
They are THE original cookie monsters! and we love them! They are 83 years old.

We do not know Who has not done this... and we were werking on this when mommie got the call from grampa. So, who ever wants to do this... Do it right now. Come back to our bloggie and ask us to come and look at your bloggie, okay?
It is really fun.

Happy Monday Mancats!!

give me the wisdom to know what is right

and the courage to do it!