Friday, July 8, 2011

Miles is home and Friday frootbats

Hello fellow kitties.
I am home from kitty prison

I am very sorry for breaking the law of flowers.
Mom and dad are not mad at me. In fact, Pierro and I got some new toys!!!

Pierro: Miles and I are very happy to be back at our house with our servants.
It is good to be back home with all of our toys, sunny windows and snuggles

Have a bonkbonkful Friday and a sunny week-end

ps: mom says she is so sorry that she has not been helping us visityour blogs. She has been busy with many things and has very little time to help us. (*sigh*) the sweet ladygirl across the street with the cancer is doing okay, she is very weak and the tumors in her head are sometimes causing pain. Mom feels pretty sad about this and she tries to help a lot over at their house. She has a lot of family there helping out, but mom knows that she appreciates a good friend face now and then. Mom's garden is looking quite nice here are a few pics:
Knock out Roses

the side of the house garden, yes, the air conditioner is here but this is a lovely garden view for the very sick neighbor

Every thought is a seed.
If you plant crab apples,
don't count on harvesting
Golden Delicious.

~Bill Meyer
Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.
~Nathaniel Hawthorne

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mancat Monday

greetings everykitty

Miles and I had to go to jail because Miles broke the law about flowers.
so, I had to go and be with him to be brave. It was kind of cool, I got to watch some people do surgery on a doggie and other medical stuff.
and then I got to go home early.

Honestly... I was really not happy about this and I let mom and dad know exactly how I felt when we got in the car... I was in that black prison box and guess what I did next?

I peed. I got my pee all over the car seat and the blankies and moms hand (dad was driving) and boy did I ever stink! haha

Miles is coming home today.
I can't wait to have my brother home. then we can compare stories and scars.

--> they shaved my arm!!!

bonks for a happy day and find a good place to hide tonight.
Mom always puts on moderately loud ballet music on the evening of the 4th of July, we also get to eat junk food. It is kind of a nice party. I am excited for Miles to come home and celebrate junkfoodballetmusic with me.
The young man knows the rules,
but the old man knows the exceptions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday morning update:

I just called the hospital. Both boys are doing okay. Neither Miles or Pierro are eating anything... much. They are both still receiving IV fluids. They are having a blood test this morning and if Pierro's blood work comes back good - as it has been, then he can come home this evening. Miles is doing well, and will continue another day of fluids since he did indeed ingest lily parts and we want to insure that his kidneys are protected.
That is it really.
The doc that I spoke with today on the phone confused Pierro with Miles and I had a difficult time getting correct information. basically as true to their character, Pierro is sweet and submissive and Miles is nervous. Miles is so big and brave but he shakes pitifully when he is nervous. He is not hiding. Anyway, it was confusing today on the phone: which boy ate a little bit of grilled salmon and who was "polite" for examination. Don't they keep absolute records of this? Back in dino days when I did a few years of hospital nursing, we recorded every sneeze... Well, if they were in a very bad situation at this point I probably would have gotten upset about this, but I believe they are out of the woods and just staying in a very fancy hotel with supreme room service.

I slept like a log last night. It is so quiet in our house, but I am taking advantage of this situation and have bleached and scrubbed the bathtub haha
I hope everyone has a lovely day. I do believe we are completely "out of the woods" here. I just want my boys home, I do not even want to think of the $$bill. We will adjust and manage though, this is just one of life's bumps in the road - and we always learn from those bumpy things.

Life is a traveling to the edge of knowledge,
then a leap taken.

David Herbert Lawrence