Friday, May 8, 2009

Frootbat Friday

Hi kitties guess what Prinnie is getting a bit better She is eating foods and mom is forcing her to drink I think water feels crummy on her throat so that is why she was not drinking mom also gave her some pain medication so she would not feel so hurty mom says "Things are looking up!"

THANK YOU all of you for the purrrs and prayers

Now, mom has been very busy with Prinnie. Every two hours she gives Prinnie foods and pets her and gives her waters. (mom did not go skating/ice dancing this week at all!) I have been a very good boy and daddy and I play a lot (dad works at home) and I have been busy looking out the windows at the bloo birds that live in our yard.

So, mom has been VERY tired and not helping us with the computer and visiting. Last night she had a plan to give Prinnie fluids, and give her a snack, then have some snuggle time with ME.... but dad said to mom at around 10:30pm, "what is this all over Pierro's carpit in his room" and mom came and looked and .... oooopsie I got poops stuck to my tail when I was in my litter box and I could not get it off so I jumped really fast out of my box and flung poops all over the walls and carpit and I slid my butt on the carpit to get that stoopit poop off of my tail.

mom said "OH MY CAT!!" or something like that and then she spent the next 20 minutes scrubbing and washing the walls and carpit with Lysol, did I mention that the poop was everywhere?... and then, dad said "well, I wonder what Pierro's butt looks like" and he captured me and I had the evidence still on my tail and butt, so then mom spent the next 10 minutes cleaning my tail and butt while dad clamped me in his arms and she used soap and made me smell like a flower!

I hope all of you have a happy week-end.
Prinnie still can't meow, but she is getting stronger.

We love all of you so very much we have not been much on the innernets so please leave me a note and tell me how all of you are doing and what the plan is for the week-end
don't forget it's mother's day and moms love taking care of us

super crashy headbonkies with summersaults and air biscuits

Happiness is like jam,
You can't even spread a little bit
without getting some on yourself


pughy said...

So glad the news is a little better and that the sweet one is recovering. Mum sounds like she has been taking real good care.

I lol when I read about the poopsy incident, it happens to us all at some stage. I can just see it now in my minds eye.

Happy mothers day ( we had ours a couple months ago)

Hugs GJ x

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Glad to hear Prinnie is getting better and that your meemaa is such a good nurse and a merry maid too. Disco says he knows all about poo tail and what a mess one pooeytailed cat can make of a room and that that sh*t can make meemaa's say sh*t, MOL

meemsnyc said...

Oh Prinnie, sending you lots of hugs and purrs. Get better soon!!

Daisy said...

Sorry about the Poo Incident, Pierro! But I am extra-glad to learn that Prinnie is starting to feel better.

The Furry Kids said...

Sometimes poo just happens, little guy. For example, Mom thought that someone wiped their 'tocks on the couch yesterday. It got lysoled, too. hehe

We're glad to hear that Prinnie is feeling better. We're still purring and purraying for her.

Your pal,

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Uh oh. Sometimes that happens to Gemini but it sticks to all her fur and then she gets a bath. But our soap does not smell because the Woman doesn't like those chemicals that make things smell like other things.

Cezar and Léia said...

What a mess dear Pierro!!!! Poor mommy so tired and still washing all the house!
Glad to see dear Princess better.I hope your mommy can rest in this weekend.Be quiet and behave okay!

We are fine and please tell your mommy not to worry about internet.We will be thinking of you and Princess.

Purrs and prayers
Luna ( and mommy Léia )

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

What a mess! The Tall Man would have done the exact same thing your dad did. We're still hoping Prinnie's meeze comes back!


Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Hey Pierro & Hello Pretty Princess !!!
I am so happy that Prinnie is doing better!!! She is getting the best care because you two have a pawsome Mom & Dad :)
Your butt issue seems to have derailed your snuggle time with your Mom,heehee I must confess,I have had a similar incident! I love grass and sometimes I eat too much. One day Mom saw me 'dancing' around. She grabbed me and saw a big blade of grass sticking out of my butt :O She had to pull it out!!! That was SO embarrassing ;)
It happens to the best of us Pierro :) Probably something you ate :)
We are looking forward to some Mom time this weekend. We plan on having a nice and quiet time:)
Mom did the Mother's Day thing last weekend when the restaurants were not so busy ;)
Have a fun weekend!!!!
Purrs Mickey

Poppy Q said...

Hi sweet princess, sorry to hear you are not feeling so good. When our sweet angel puss was poorly we gave her lots of cool foods that were easy to swallow, like yoghurt and icecream. She had renal failure and the vet said it was ok for her to eat some high calorie stuff.

Pierro, you will have to be more careful buddy , and not make a mess of your room!!

Smooches to you two, you are in our thoughts.

Mum and Poppy Q

Anya said...

We are glad you feel
a little better Princess :)
Mom takes care on you we now sure !!
Many purrs to Lovely Princess
and sweet Pierro
Kareltje =^.^=

Parker said...

Dear sweet Prinnie, I am so glad she is getting better!
Pierro, I am sorry you had poops stuck to you. That's no fun for anyone!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wow that was some kind of poopie story!

smiles, auntie bee

Karen Jo said...

Oh, I have been offline for a while and didn't know that Prinnie was sick. I am glad that you are getting better, Princess, and hope and pray that you continue to improve. You made quite a mess, Pierro, but don't worry. It happens to everycat sooner or later. I hope you get some makeup snuggle time this weekend. Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!

Luna said...

Happy Mother´s Day!!!

We hope so much that Prinnie is feeling better now.
Get well soon sweet little Princess!

Pierro, don´t worry about your mess. That happens too to us sometimes!!!

Have a great day!
luna, Luzie and Olli

Ariel said...

"Oh My" I been away from the computer so I didn't know Princess wasn't feeling well.I'm so glad she feeling a bit better sounds like your mom is taking excellent care of her.Love is the best medicine.Pierro about the mess we've all been there trust me so don't feel bad.I hope your mom gets some rest and has a very Happy Mother's Day...Hugs

workhard said...

Awwwww.. i hope she feels a better soon.

Boise Homes

Milo and Alfie said...

The poopsy incident made us larf out loud. These things happen sometimes! Hahahaha!


Get better soon!!!!!!!!!
We love you sweet little Princess!
Wu Zetiãn,Tyrena,Lud and Boris.

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