Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whitecat Tuesday

hey happy Tuesday Kitties!
I hope everycat is doing well

um actually I have have a bit of a problem the past few days. I had to go to the vet on Monday!! It was terrible. Please purrr for me.
See, last week Friday when Pierro had his check up, mom got this glop from the vetlady called EFA ultra, some liquid stuff, with fish oil in it. It was for me, to stay healthy. Well, mom was hesitant about giving it to me, but on Sunday morning she decided to give me a littlebit in my breakfast foods. I gobbled my foods up and then I took a nappie in the moonchair.
About two hours later... I could not meow and I was feeling barfy but did not barf, my throat was gloppy and bothering me a lot!. Mom was very worried and took my temperature and it was okay but I was feeling really crummy.
So, Monday morning (yesterday) she took me straight to the vet place.
So the vet checked me all over. I could not scream at her because my throat was all gloppy
the vet gave mom a bottle of pills to heal my throat. she thinks I might have gotten sick and threw up some gastric stuff... not sure.
So. anyway... mom is still worried about me
By the way, I still can't meow, I like eating though, I am depressed and quiet and sad oh my, and I am purrring too. Mom and dad are busy taking care of me and loving me.
I want to get better.
mom will write an uppie-date later today.
I love all of you very much.
Pierro is being a very good helper. He is very sweet to me.

1:00pm Tuesday uppiedate:
I am doing okay. hate that medicine (sucralfate 1/4 tablet given in a slurry) to heal my throat, mom gave me a tiny pepcid too. just disgusting, bleh.
I still can't meow, so annoying. I am doing okay but my throat feels like there is something stuck in it. maybe I have a booboo on my throat. I am usually very vocal and this is really bothering me. When I get up and walk around I feel like I want to barf but I don't, it is almost like a chokey feeling.
I am not running a fever, I love my foods, drinking is not so exciting so mom gave me sub-qs last night... and threatening to give me some tonight.
Thank you so much for purring for me. I really love all of you very much! Pierro continues to be a good boy, not playing any tricks on me.

biggest act of

courage is a
small one.


meemsnyc said...

Oh no!! We are so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and that your mouth feels all gloppy. @@##$% Vet!!!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh no my dearest little fuzzy princess sister...I do not want to hear that you are feeling poorly becaus eof something that was suppose to help you! I do not want you to be depressed and sad at all over this. There has been so much worrisome time right now in the bloggyland...we will purrrr for your recovery and that you can meow loudly real soon and feel all better....
love your sister Peachy

Anya said...

Owwwwwwww our sweet Princess,
we will purrsss for you the hole day !!
We give you many hugs and hope you feel better soon ....
puurrssssss and LOVE.. Kareltje

Elin said...


Get well soon Princess!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh no honey pie! i take fish oil twice a day but it doesn't make me sick. it makes me smarter they say but i don't know about that either. i hope you are all better now...

smiles, auntie bee

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Princess!
I hope you will better now!All our prayers for you!
Please be strong and think positive!Everything will be fine soon!
We love you!
purrs from Brazil
Luna and mommy Léia

Boy n Beethoven said...

Oh dear! I hope you are feewing better Pwincess! It's no fun having gwoppy thwoat. I shall purr and purr and purr for you.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Purrs to you sweet Prinnie! I hope you get better quickly!

michico*Adan said...

Oah No!
My sweetest sister Prinnie,
this is so serious!!!
I am praying and purring very very hard for you!
By the time you left comment on my blog I was so worry and carry this mood in my heart all day, I hope you will be ok at last, Oah dear Prinnie!!!

Big Big hugs!!

Daisy said...

Oh Prinnie, I am so sorry that you are feeling poorly. I am feeling much better myself, so I will send my very strongest healing purrs for you.

Anonymous said...

Princess, we will purr for you to get your loudest meowing voice back soon.

pughy said...

Oh no sweet one, I hope you will be better soon. It must be a worry for your poor mum.

Get well soon, I am purring realy loud.

Hugs GJ x

Gattina said...

Poor Prinnie, that is really strange that you can't meauw. I tried to think if I had heard of a similar case, but no. Maybe it's just a little cold ? If you eat well then it's OK even without voice.
Rosie had her second birthday yesterday. Time flies by !

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, Princess, it's me, Nina? If you need some purring or someone to meow LOUD for you, just let me know. I may not be big, but I can state MEOW pretty loud when I want to! As for purring, I hardly ever stop!
Be well, furiend!
~ Nina